Harry Potter Fans Go Viral On TikTok For Pregnancy Announcement Video Shot Within The Wizarding World Parks

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It’s no secret that the Harry Potter fandom goes hard, and once you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’re pretty much always a Harry Potter fan. This fandom is one of those rare phenomena that get passed down to the next generation, and one pair of fans is making that incredibly clear. Not only did these fans go viral for their Harry Potter pregnancy announcement, which was basically the cutest thing ever, but they were able to use the real-life Wizarding World at Universal.

Pregnancy announcements typically aren’t special to anyone but the expecting and the expecting’s family, but everyone is pretty much family within the Harry Potter fandom. So when one Potterhead makes a super cool video announcement using the real-life Wizarding World, hundreds of thousands of fans get excited right along with the to-be parents. It’s been two years since Grace announced her pregnancy skillfully employing the Wizarding World, but it’s still pretty amazing. You can check out the viral TikTok below:


The video takes us right into the world of Harry Potter and portrays a meet-cute of two new wizards who pair up in their journey together. The couple visits all the iconic places in Diagon Alley, and the video travels in time, depicting the couple getting married and buying their first home. Exiting the home, the wife uses her wand to spell out a baby announcement.

Probably the most miraculous thing about the video (you know, other than the miracle that is the beginning of a new life) is that the Wizarding World appears to be empty save the expecting couple. While it may seem that the couple got some kind of special privilege to enter the park while it was empty, that’s not the case. This question popped up in the comments, and Grace responded with a video saying that they entered the park as soon as they could and filmed around other people. According to her, the early birds tend to head to the rides, and they tried to film in other parts of the park where there were less people. The clever couple must be Ravenclaws.

The baby in question is now a two-year-old little girl named Charlie, and according to the mother’s TikTok the toddler has some pretty magical adventures on the regular, along with her creative parents. The family must live close to the parks, because they look to be regulars at The Magic Kingdom and Universal. Basically all of the content on the page either revolves around little Charlie, the magical worlds or both. Little Charlie and her family must have a dozen Disney or Harry Potter-related outfits.

The outfits are enough to make any fan jealous, but it honestly looks like these Potterheads are living a magical life together. Personally, I can’t wait until little Charlie turns 11 and her mom has to put together a Hogwarts Letter for her!

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