Another Harry Potter Star Is Having A Baby And Her Co-Stars Are Pumped

It’s been a few months since Rupert Grint took to social media to share a first look at his young daughter. Despite the fact that many Harry Potter stars are into their thirties now, it’s still sobering to be reminded of how quickly the time is passing. That doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon, either, as this week another Harry Potter star also announced she was pregnant, much to the joy of some of her co-stars.

Afshan Azad, who played Padma Patil throughout the latter half of the Harry Potter series (beginning with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, is expecting a baby with her partner Nabil Kazi, whom she reportedly married in 2018. After a few years together, they are now expanding their family with Baby Kazi.

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Of course, the pictures Afshan Azad shared are beautiful and came along with a lovely announcement regarding when the baby is due (July) and how pumped she and her partner are to welcome the little one. Azad is not the only one who is excited, however, as a slew of her fellow child stars from the Harry Potter sets also took to Instagram to share their excitement over the impending arrival later this year.

Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley): so excited!!!!!!baby kazi has the best parents.Devon Murray (Seamus Finnegan): Congratulations guys. I’m so happy and excited for you both. You’re going to be incredible parentsEvanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood): Awww congratulations Afshan, you’re going to be amazing parents!!Scarlett Byrne (Pansy Parkinson): Beautiful! We are so excited for you both and cannot wait to meet Baby Kazi.

Along with Rupert Grint and Afshan Azad, there has been a bit of a baby boom with the Harry Potter cast as of late. The aforementioned Devon Murray became a dad earlier this year when he and his partner Shannon McCaffrey welcomed a baby boy, Cooper Michael. Last year, Scarlett Byrne also welcomed a baby girl with her partner Cooper Hefner.

The times, they certainly are a’changing. I think this is particularly notable for actors and actresses like Afshan Azad, who stopped acting on the big screen after her stint in Harry Potter. Unlike some of her co-stars -- from Matthew Lewis to Daniel Radcliffe-- we didn't get to see her grow up on the big screen and so it's easy to think of people involved in the franchise as being younger than they truly are. Though I think the really huge rude awakening will come when the likes of Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe are all old enough to play the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child versions of their characters, with kids who are old enough to also go on their own adventures. At that point, I think the age of former child stars is certainly going to more deeply set in.

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