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Viral Disney World TikTok Has Beauty And The Beast’s Gaston Absolutely Roasting A Guest

One of the best parts of visiting Walt Disney World is feeling like you've become part of your favorite stories. Whether you're wandering around a planet in a galaxy far, far, away at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge or you enter the cartoon world of Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway, you can suspend disbelief and truly feel like you're part of that world. Even just interacting with costumed cast members can make you feel like you're talking to the real characters. It's special at whatever age you are, though it can sometimes feel a bit too real as one young woman recently found out, when Gaston burned her pretty hard.

The TikTok video that's going viral shows a woman shouting at Gaston as he walks through Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. She's asks if he'll go out with her, as she is apparently newly single, and Gaston responds...well, he responds exactly how you'd expect Gaston to respond. Check it out.

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We know that Gaston equates a woman's beauty with her worth, and thus only the most beautiful women will do. Of course, he's indicating here that the woman asking him out is not that. This is more than a little rude. Of course, it's not like we expect Gaston to be nice. He's a self-absorbed jerk, that's sort of his thing, so he is in character.

Still, it is a bit harsh for a Disney character, even one who is supposed to be the bad guy. There's a fine line to walk when you're playing a Disney villain as a face character, meaning one who is using their own face rather than a mask, and thus is able to speak and interact with guests. You can't be nice if you're the bad guy, that would be out of character, but you also don't want to be too mean and actually upset people.

In this case the woman on the receiving end of the epic burn doesn't seem all that upset, mostly just shocked. She clearly wasn't excepting that sort of response. Still, Gaston is one of the more interesting walk around characters that one will find at Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Prior to the pandemic he would frequently be seen arm wrestling kids or challenging them to push up contests as a way to show off. They frequently made for some of the best vacation videos on social media.

And one can just imagine how much Gaston was loving walking through Magic Kingdom with people lined up and down the street. You get the feeling this is exactly how Gaston believes he should be treated, and having women ask him out is probably nothing new to him. At the same time, much like Belle, they're probably also too smart for him.

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