Surprise, Beauty And The Beast Actor Luke Evans Got Absolutely Ripped During Quarantine

Beauty and the Beast actor Luke Evans looked pretty fit when he played Gaston in the 2018 live action version of the fairytale, but as it turns out, lifting Josh Gad and a barmaid at the same time was all a bit of movie magic. In the time since, however, he’s actually taken the time to get positively ripped. While no one’s neck is as incredibly thick as Gaston, Evans is no slouch here.

In fact, the actor took to social media recently to share his surprise fitness progress and he’s gone from merely a hint of abs to what most would describe as a full “pack” of abs. Plus, as you see, he’s got biceps to spare.

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It’s enough that other celebs commented, including Dancing with the Stars and America’s Next Top Model competitor Nyle DiMarco, who humorously referred to Luke Evans as “Beast” on the post. No, Mr. DiMarco, that would be Dan Stevens. But I take his point. It took eight months to get to this fitness level, so it wasn’t an easy journey by any means. It’s also harder to build muscle as we age, and as Luke Evans also points out, he is past the ripe age of 40, and will be turning 42 in mid-April (on the 15th to be exact).

Luke Evans would not be the first case of a celebrity taking the imposed time off of work to get into a better fitness routine. Rebel Wilson has called this past year her “year of health” and shed 60 pounds over the course of several months. Late night host James Corden has also gotten on the path to lose weight and Tiffany Haddish also famously revealed her own 40 lb weight loss late last year.

Getting to the visible abs portion of any fitness loss journey can be really difficult. While Luke Evans actually started out his fitness journey in seemingly decent shape -- at least from a weight standpoint -- it takes a lot of effort at the gym to get your body in the kind of shape his is currently in. So kudos for not spending the last eight months on the couch, bud.

Which leads me to the most important question of course: Now that he’s grown, does Luke Evans eat five dozen eggs a day? Next up, you can catch the newly ripped actor in the upcoming miniseries Nine Perfect Strangers or catch him in the new Pinocchio film. Or, of course, enjoy the pre-ripped version of the actor playing the famous Beauty and the Beast character whenever you feel like it; all you need is a Disney+ subscription. But of course, Luke Evans and Josh Gad also have a Gaston and LeFou spinoff currently in the works at the streamer.

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