Twilight Fans Are Debating The Best In The Series As The Entire Franchise Continues To Chart On Netflix

Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in Twilight Saga: Eclipse
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The Twilight saga is all the rage again thanks to all five movies arriving on Netflix this past week. Every month, a ton of older movies shuffle in and out of the streaming service, but since the vampire franchise dropped on streaming, all five movies have remained on Netflix's Top 10 trending chart. Given a lot of people are tuning into Edward and Bella’s love story, the online conversation is getting heated over which of the films have the purest A+ blood type.

According to Netflix’s charts, the first film in the series, 2008’s Twilight, is being watched the most, with it currently ranking at No. 3 just behind new seasons of Virgin River and Never Have I Ever. The second movie, New Moon, is at No. 5 after Manifest, followed by Breaking Dawn Part 2 at slot 7, Eclipse at slot 8 and Breaking Dawn Part 1 at slot 9. Maybe certain fans decided to skip over Bella Swan’s pregnancy debacle?

There are a lot of opinions about the best Twilight movie, but clearly there is a lot of love for the entire franchise given all five of them are ranking high. As fans binge watch the movies adapted from Stephenie Meyer’s novels, one fan pointed out on Twitter there’s something else to love in each installment:

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It’s tough to beat the first one, which started the Twilight craze almost 15 years ago when Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson first graced the screen. Even casual viewers of the franchise are finding themselves returning to the series just because of the 2008 memories associated with its release:

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When Twilight is trending on Netflix, it also means that an entire generation is reliving an era of their past. I have to say, I’m with those who love the first movie the best. It’s the movie that is the most re-watchable and includes the most memorable moments in the series. There again, there’s a ton of fans who believe New Moon to be the best of the bunch:

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If New Moon was your favorite movie of the franchise, you were definitely a Team Jacob fan. The second movie follows a depressed Bella who is dumped by Edward after an incident on her birthday. She then becomes an adrenaline junkie just as the boy next door joins a werewolf tribe. It’s definitely a major installment in the franchise and doesn’t disappoint in terms of balancing funny moments with some solid action. Here’s another vote for the 2009 sequel:

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Neither Eclipse nor Breaking Dawn Part 1 have the best rep from fans, but then again, fans of the books loved seeing the Cullens tell their backstories and watch Edward and Bella get married. We’ll end with this solid take, which points to the whole Twilight saga:

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Why even turn into a vampire and develop mind reading abilities when the Twilight fans are spewing straight facts? Anyway, what do you think – what’s the best Twilight movie? Let’s determine this once and for all in the poll below.

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