Ethan Suplee Recalls The Super ‘Weird’ Cocaine-In-Butt Related Favor The Wolf Of Wall Street Team Needed From Him While Filming

Ethan Suplee in Wolf of Wall Street

Every actor is sure to have one moment in their filming career that sticks out more than the rest, and it honestly may be pretty hard for an actor like Ethan Suplee to narrow it down. He’s worked on a ton of wild films and has played everything from a skinhead nazi to a cluelessly devoted brother. But he recalls one moment on Wolf of Wall Street, where he was asked for his expertise in putting cocaine up a butt for that scene where Leonardo DiCaprio blows coke up a hooker’s ass.

Ethan Suplee has struggled in the past with his self image, as well as multiple addictions for which he had checked himself into rehab for. The actor has been clean for going on two decades now, but apparently his experience with drugs caused the crew on the set of Wolf of Wall Street to wrangle him into teaching them the mechanics of blowing cocaine up a butthole.

In an interview with Michael Rosenbaum on his podcast Inside Of You about his amazing body transformation and learning to love himself, Ethan Suplee tells the funny story of how he was brought into a closed set on Wolf of Wall Street. Luckily, Suplee thought the “weird” request was a pretty humorous one. Here’s the conversation that took place on the podcast, just as it happened:

Ethan Suplee: It was awesome. It was a lot of fun. The only funny weird story was, we were filming two different things and me and the rest of the guys, the brokers, were kind of off on a break and then I got a call like, ‘You’re needed on that closed set.’ Like, nobody’s allowed on this set. And I was like. ‘I’m needed? What am I needed for?’ And they were like ‘you just have to go in there’ and I went in and somebody was like, ‘We can’t figure out how to do cocaine up an asshole. Can you help us? We heard you could help us with this.’ And I was like ‘I’ll do my best!’Michael Rosenbaum: I mean, how do you do that? It’s almost like sucking up a fart or sucking up air from your asshole?ES: You load it into a straw and you apply pressure to one end of the straw and the cocaine comes out the other end of the straw.MR: So you helped them!ES: I helped them but I’m just saying, I was the guy called, I was the guy on set like ‘Who can help us? Ethan knows’MR: That’s when you should have known ‘I gotta get my shit together. ’ That’s rock bottom.ES: I’d been sober at this point for almost ten years but some of the people had known me prior and were like ‘he knows how to do this, get him.’

I feel like requesting a recovering addict to describe just how to get cocaine up a hooker’s butt is a pretty big ask, even if he had been clean for a decade. It sounds like those involved knew Ethan Suplee would be a good sport, and it did make for a pretty believable scene to be perfectly honest. Granted, you would think just being on set of a movie like Wolf of Wall Street would be a pretty big trigger for a recovering addict, so Suplee probably already had a pretty solid handle on things.

Cocaine laced asses all in his past, Ethan Suplee seems to be living his best life. Sober and now completely jacked, he is apparently hyper focused on a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. While things could have definitely turned out differently for him, I’m super glad we still have both him and this hilarious throwback around.

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