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Josh Gad Has A Funny Take After His Beauty And The Beast Co-Star Luke Evans Got Ripped

LeFou (Josh Gad) and Gaston (Luke Evans) look ahead in Beauty and the Beast (2017)

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Hollywood has given us a number of great bromances over the years, like the one between Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt or the (sometimes hilariously contentious) bond that Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds share. In recent years, the public has also seen the rise of the Josh Gad/Luke Evans bromance, which was on full display in 2017’s Beauty and the Beast. So of course, now that Evans is ripped, Gad has naturally chimed in on the matter and, as you’d expect, he has a pretty funny take on things.

While many of us were kicking back, eating snacks and watching Netflix during quarantine last year, Luke Evans was getting into serious shape. It was hard for the public not to take notice of the change, especially since the actor has even posted a thirst trap or two. With Josh Gad working so closely with Evans though, his response was bound to be a bit different, and it honestly represents a feeling that many of us can relate to:

It requires me to get in the gym fairly soon because I’ve seen pictures of my co-star online. And let’s just say it ain’t great what I’m working with in terms of the most shredded man in show business.

While Josh Gad was mostly joking while speaking with Variety, it is true that it can be difficult for many of us to take that first step towards a consistent exercise routine. That becomes even harder when you’re coming off a lengthy quarantine or when you work alongside someone as fit as Luke Evans. Gad seems to take this all in stride, though, and I think most would agree that we like the Frozen alum just as he is.

The past year has actually seen a number of stars set fitness-related goals. Will Smith went viral months ago when he unveiled his quarantine body and declared his plans to get back in shape. And like Luke Evans, Rebel Wilson used the last year to transform her body, and the results are definitely noticeable.

Josh Gad and Luke Evans should have plenty of time to hit the gym together, though, as they’ll soon be spending a lot of time together. The two actors are set to reprise their roles in a Beauty and the Beast spinoff series. The show, reportedly titled Little Town, takes place before the events of the film and centers on Evans’ vain Gaston and Gad’s long-suffering LeFou. The show is set to air on Disney+, which you can sign up for using this link.

Regardless of whether they’re in the gym or on set, it’s certain that Josh Gad and Luke Evans are going to be putting in plenty of work. And knowing them, they’ll also have plenty of fun while they’re doing it.

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