Ryan Reynolds Talks Challenges Of Deadpool, And His Video With Korg

Deadpool being surprised during an intense moment in Deadpool 2

There hasn’t been much on the Deadpool 3 front since Ryan Reynolds's property seemingly joined the MCU. That hasn’t stopped the Free Guy star from teasing the Marvel mercenary’s next film. Of course, the Deadpool and Korg video put things into overdrive. But that doesn’t mean bringing Deadpool to the MCU isn’t a challenge. Reynolds finally opened about his Korg video and challenges with Deadpool’s next chapter.

Ryan Reynolds has slowly begun to push his way into the MCU, as evident by the Deadpool-Korg reaction video. Reynolds and Taika Waititi are all about being funny in any situation. But that doesn’t mean the actor isn’t feeling the pressure of bringing the Marvel mercenary to the MCU. The Deadpool star said about cross-promoting with his latest film:

Deadpool, for me, is kind of like an anxiety inducing tightrope walk. I always think when I've got Deadpool just right, I'm speaking from experience from Deadpool 1 & 2, that I need to make it 30 to 40% percent better than it already it is. Even if I'm at the moment where I'm like, 'This is perfect, this moment!' Then, I stop and I go, 'Okay, this has to be 30% better than it already is.' It's a stressful thing to get right, or at least right as far as I'm concerned. So, no, I never really thought about it but I did love the idea of playing with Deadpool and Korg in some of the marketing materials given the fact that Taika [Waititi] and I are in the movie. So, I kinda got to scratch the itch, inevitably anyway.

Ryan Reynolds’ statement to ComicBook was a very non-Reynolds response. The pressure he feels is warranted given the tremendous success of the first two Deadpool films. Especially after Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, fans were worried about Deadpool 3 being watered down. Luckily, there was the hiring of Bob's Burgers' Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin to penthe script. As the actor-producer pointed out, Reynolds and Taika Waititi made a brilliant move by using their MCU characters to promote their latest release. Hopefully, this becomes more commonplace and not the exception.

Deadpool and Korg

Despite all the pressure, Ryan Reynolds appeared more than ready to join the MCU at some point. The Deadpool 2 star told ComicBook he was game for whatever Marvel had in store. Reynolds said is most definitely down the Marvel mercenary to make his MCU debut in either solo film or joining another Marvel film. In true Ryan Reynolds fashion, the actor was all about usurping the audience’s expectations. But of course, the Free Guy star wasn’t above wanting to bring some chaos to the MCU.

Deadpool’s chaos may be needed in Phase Four’s multiverse approach. Ryan Reynolds has kept fans in the loop with teasers here and there. Of course, his biggest teaser – the Deadpool and Korg video – sent diehard fans into a frenzy. Some fans have even given the actor advice on Deadpool 3. But Reynolds and the fans will have to wait until the film is officially announced for more news. In the meantime, viewers can catch the actor in Free Guy, which arrives in theaters on Aug. 13.

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