Ryan Reynolds Admits Blake Lively Helps Write On Movies Like Deadpool, And Why She’s Usually Not Credited

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Ryan Reynolds has seemingly made it his mission to work on things he’s passionate about. And as a result, Reynolds often receives credit for contributing to many of his projects. But there appeared to be a secret contributor his fans weren’t aware of: his wife Blake Lively has also written on many of his films. The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard star explained why his wife wasn’t credited after helping to write movies like Deadpool.

Ryan Reynolds’ revelation might be a surprise to some but not to others. Oftentimes, women in Hollywood don’t receive credit for creating and contributing to the Hollywood landscape. Without being prompted, the actor decided to finally give Blake Lively her well-deserved due. The Free Guy star opened about his movie star wife not getting her proper credit.

I write on a lot of my movies. It's been a survival mechanism for me for a long time. Sometimes I'm credited, sometimes I'm not… There's a lot of A++ writing that I've done that was actually Blake — that Blake would jump in, grab the keyboard, and 'What about this?' And I'd be like, 'That's incredible.'

Ryan Reynold decided it was time to let the world know how talented his wife is. The fact Blake Lively potentially wrote some of Deadpool’s best lines was definitely surprising. But Lively seemingly got to be creative without Reynolds letting ego get in the way. That just shows how comfortable the couple is with sharing their creative space. At the same time, the Rhythm Section star is known for her humorous flair by trolling her husband constantly. So, contributing Deadpool’s funniest lines wasn’t too farfetched. But Reynolds was done yet giving his wife her props.

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Ryan Reynolds didn’t get into the specifics about the films she contributed to, according to Entertainment Weekly. He called Blake Lively a “really talented, multihyphenate kind of person” before heaping more praise on her. Reynolds credited his wife with some of his biggest Hollywood successes, especially with the Deadpool films. Knowing the significant role Lively played in Reynolds’ success leads to more questions about Hollywood and female talent. Reynolds had more to say about Hollywood’s issues with female talent.

In a SiriusXM interview, Ryan Reynolds admitted to pushing for Blake Lively to receive credit. Unfortunately, the powers in Hollywood wouldn’t allow it. But that didn’t deter Reynolds from finally spilling this secret. The Deadpool star said about Hollywood’s double standard when it comes to men and women:

And you know, it's funny. I don't know. Maybe it's 'cause there's inherent sexism in the business — I will say that a lot of times, 'She wrote that — Blake like, wrote that not me. That was her.' And it's like, they still, later on, repeat the story as I wrote it.

Unfortunately, Ryan Reynolds’ words were nothing new when it comes to the entertainment business. For a long time, Hollywood has had a problem supporting and nurturing female talent. Blake Lively not receiving her proper credit was definitely a bummer given Reynolds’ Hollywood success. Maybe now that her husband has exposed this truth, the actress will get more credit for her contributions.

While Ryan Reynold finally gave Blake Lively her due, Lively has thrived in Hollywood despite not being properly credited. With Free Guy being released on Aug. 13, Reynolds felt now was the right time to give his wife the shine she deserved.

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