The Suicide Squad’s Storm Reid Talks Shouting F-Bombs At Idris Elba In The DC Flick

Idris Elba in The Suicide Squad

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Minor spoilers ahead for The Suicide Squad.

Visionary filmmaker James Gunn recently made his DCEU debut with The Suicide Squad, with the R-rated blockbuster arriving in theaters and straight to homes via HBO Max. Gunn assembled a killer cast to bring his story to life, including A Wrinkle in Time and Euphoria actress Storm Reid. And she recently explained what it was like shouting F-bombs at Idris Elba in the DC project.

Storm Reid had a small but pivotal role in The Suicide Squad, playing the daughter of Idris Elba’s Bloodsport. Her scene with Idris Elba gives his character emotional stakes, and eventually the two characters scream “Fuck you” at each other a comical amount of times. Reid was recently asked how she got involved with James Gunn’s DC debut, specifically if her audition involved her dropping F-bombs. She said,

I did do one tape that I sent to Mr. James. I don’t particularly remember the sides, but I don’t think it was the scene that was in the movie, because I think I would remember screaming and cussing in an audition room.

She’s got a point. Because while Storm Reid has auditioned for a number of projects during her already successful career, she would have probably remembered using expletives for her gig in The Suicide Squad.

Storm Reid’s comments to Variety help to peel back the curtain on who she is as a person and performer. She references her elders by the monicor Mr, and seemingly doesn’t relish F-bombs like her Suicide Squad character Tyla. Regardless, she crushed her big scene opposite Idris Elba.

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Later in her same interview, Storm Reid went on to explain what it was like on the set of The Suicide Squad. She had only one scene to nail down the family dynamic between Tyla and Bloodsport, and had the pressure of playing opposite an acclaimed actor in Idris Elba. Reid went on,

It is very intimidating, especially the way you put it, cursing out Idris Elba! It’s all part of the fun of acting, stepping into your character’s shoes and trying to embody a character, but also not neglect your raw emotion as a human being. They all made me feel comfortable. We had a day of going back and forth. Mr. James, he really made us go at it and had us do it a lot of different ways. I think the cut that made it into the movie is really darn good and I’m proud of it.

I don’t know about you, but I’m suddenly interested in seeing the raw footage of The Suicide Squad. It sounds like James Gunn really allowed his cast to explore and play during filming, including the scene shared between Storm Reid and Idris Elba. Hopefully we get to see them back on screen sometime in the future.

It’s unclear how much the events of The Suicide Squad will impact the overall DCEU, as James Gunn put an emphasis on making it a capsulated story. But with Gunn interested in more DC projects, hopefully Bloodsport will be brought back, complete with Storm Reid’s character.

The Suicide Squad is in theaters now. Be sure to check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

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