Paul Walker's Daughter Meadow And Ludacris Had Sweet ‘Family’ Messages For Vin Diesel's Son On His Birthday

When you’re related to The Fast and Furious franchise, you’re family. Meadow Walker knows this acutely, being the daughter of the late Paul Walker, an integral member of the franchise before his untimely death in an accident at a charity event. Years later, she’s sort of been unofficially adopted into the Diesel clan, and when Vin Diesel’s young son had a recent birthday, she celebrated with a family-oriented message, as did F9 co-star Ludacris.

Vin Diesel shared a sweet birthday cake for his son Vincent Sinclair, who recently turned 11. The video includes the song “Brown-Eyed Girl,” by Van Morrison, which is young Vincent's fave track and. You should check out the post for the cake alone, but there were also some family-oriented comments that some of the other Fast gang shared, too.

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Both Fast family members Meadow Walker and Ludacris responded on the post, with Ludacris simply sharing a “King” emoji for the young man’s birthday. Meadow Walker was a little more intimate with her own post, sharing a heart emoji and noting:

Happy birthday to the best little brother I could dream of.

As epic as that cake is, Meadow Walker’s response was more about their familial connection than about the cake itself, which seems to be a nod to the Dodge Charger that Dominic Toretto is fond of driving and appears in the F9 film. Speaking of appearing in the Fast and Furious films, those of you who saw F9 may already know the movie actually featured little Vincent. It was Justin Lin’s idea to bring Vin's real kid into the movie, and Diesel shared the story a few months ago with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.

But we've been making these movies for so long, that every time one of my children were born, I was usually working on a Fast and Furious movie. So the director and the cast all have their own relationship with my children. And it was [Justin Lin]’s idea for my son to play young Dom. And the irony is, the thing I remember the most, was coming home that day. Because when you see the movie, it's kind of a deep scene, so Dom is in a deep state of mind. And my son was watching me work the whole day, and it wasn't until I got home that I saw a twinkle in his eye because he had finally seen his father come home, as opposed to being Dom Toretto the whole time.

Meanwhile, Meadow Walker may not be directly related to the Diesel family; however, it is worth noting that the Fast star is her godfather. They’ve shared plenty of poignant moments with one another and she is family--that’s not just a trope that Vin Diesel throws out to sell movie tickets.

For the latest Fast and Furious film, Ludacris actually talked about having Meadow Walker and Paul Walker's brothers on the sets of the films to help keep his legacy alive. It’s clear they spend a lot of time together: Walker was a part of the F9 premiere and there’s even been some talk about also including her in a film. As the franchise begins to wrap up with its final two movies, and as Sly and the Family Stone would put it, it has certainly continued to be a family affair.

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