How Meadow Walker Is Helping Keep Paul Walker's Legacy Alive In The Fast And Furious Movies

Seeing Brian O’Conner indirectly appear F9 is still a surreal moment for some fans. Paul Walker’s death pushed the Fast and Furious franchise to pivot in his absence, but his death didn’t end his affiliation with the movies as his family stepped up. So the F9 cast spoke on how Meadow Walker is keeping her father’s legacy alive in the blockbuster franchise.

Paul Walker’s death didn’t stop his Fast and Furious family from leaving behind his character within the universe. Regarding Walker’s legacy, Ludacris voiced the cast’s love for the late actor. The F9 star said the following about Walker still being a presence within the film franchise:

Of course, there is. I always miss him. You know carrying on his legacy and you know his daughter being on set and his brothers being on set. [Them] constantly consulting and telling us what they feel. How he can be incorporated and how his legacy can be incorporated. He’s present spiritually at all times, and we miss him in the physical and the spirit. But believe that every day.

Hearing Ludacris speak on his late co-star drove home how significant Paul Walker was to the Fast and Furious franchise. Years after his passing, Walker’s fellow actors are still feeling the effects, as evident by their ongoing tributes and throwback stories. So allowing his family to consult on the films is a testament to the close bond everyone shares. For Walker’s co-stars, his daughter has seemingly become their daughter.

While Ludacris gave Paul Walker’s daughter and brothers their props, the conversation eventually turned to Brian and Mia’s relationship within the franchise. SiriusXM Stars asked co-star Jordana Brewster about her expanding role after Walker’s death. To see the F9 co-stars’ full responses, check out the interview below:

The interview revealed just how close Paul Walker and his co-stars were (and continued to be). Incorporating his family into the fold is a genuine and heartfelt move from Vin Diesel and everyone involved. But this isn’t the first time Meadow Walker’s contribution has been highlighted.

Jordana Brewster was asked a few weeks ago if Meadow Walker would join the Fast and Furious franchise. She seemed fond of the idea, even advocating for the model to join the franchise. Even Vin Diesel backed Paul Walker’s daughter joining Fast and Furious 10 with an ominous response. The younger Walker also promoted the latest Fast installment, along with sharing throwback moments with the cast. So Meadow Walker becoming a part of the next film would be a nice tribute to her father’s legacy.

With Fast and Furious 10 already in motion, fans will have to wait until the film arrives to see if Meadow Walker pops up. In the meantime, you can watch F9 in theaters right now.

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