Jurassic World: Dominion’s Colin Trevorrow Reveals Bonkers Dinosaur Phil Lord Keeps Trying To Convince Him To Add

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Jurassic World fans will have to wait about 10 more months before they finally get the next installment in the franchise, Jurassic World: Dominion. However, those fans can be confident that when that movie does come along, it will contain all the exciting action with massive, terrifying dinosaurs that they've come to expect. Having said that, there is one dinosaur that, unfortunately, will apparently not be included, much to the chagrin of director Phil Lord. The man who helped bring The LEGO Movie to life has apparently been trying to get director Colin Trevorrow to include a Brontosaurus Rex in the next film.

No, you did not misread than and it's not a typo. Apparently Phil Lord has been texting his fellow director Colin Trevorrow, for basically the life of the Jurassic World franchise, trying to convince Trevorrow to include a new hybrid dinosaur that combines elements of both the Brontosaurus and the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Trevorrow shared one of the texts to Twitter for all to see.

The first Jurassic World movie came out six years ago, and so it would seem that when the first film came out, and it included the Indominus Rex, a dinosaur that was a lab created hybrid, combining elements of several dinosaurs together, Phil Lord got the idea for another such dinosaur that he though should get added to the next movie. When the Brontosaurus Rex did not appear in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Phil Lord was not deterred, and he has continued to push Colin Trevorrow to include this new creation.

I mean, does the Brontosaurus Rex sound ridiculous? Of course it does. But now that I've heard the name and seen it described, I sort of want to see one. While including the actual creature in the movie in some way would probably be too silly, I feel like there were probably people working at Jurassic Park who came up with all kinds of ideas for hybrid dinosaurs that didn't get created. There was probably concept art of a Brontosaurus Rex in a computer somewhere. It's too bad it was probably destroyed during the volcanic eruption of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Alternatively, maybe there was some rogue geneticists who just made one of these things to see if they could and to see what it would look like. Watching a Brontosaurus walk around on little tiny front legs would be endlessly entertaining.

It sounds from Colin Trevorrow's comments here that we won't be seeing a Brontosaurus Rex in Jurassic World: Dominion, but the director and franchise producer has also strongly implied that this series of films won't end with Dominion, and so there's always a chance that we could still see this in a future installment. Maybe, if enough people agree Phil Lord is on to something we can all convince Colin Trevorrow to make this happen.

Dirk Libbey
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