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Eternals Star Barry Keoghan In Hospital After Suffering Alleged Assault

Barry Keoghan walking out of a shack in Marvel's Eternals.

As Marvel is mounting up its campaign to advertise director Chloe Zhao’s Eternals, the cast of the film is bound to be spotted here and there over the next couple of months. Sadly, this latest story of just that sort of thing happening is not a particularly happy one, as actor Barry Keoghan was recently hospitalized after an alleged assault in Ireland. With facial cuts mentioned as the major injuries sustained, this serious case thankfully doesn’t sound too dire. broke the story, which saw the Eternals star visiting a local pub in Galway, where the actor is currently filming Martin McDonaugh’s next film, The Banshees of Inisherin. Barry Keoghan was apparently meeting up with some friends of his on that particular night, and was also spotted in happier circumstances taking photos with fans. But eventually, the assault in question was reported, and Keoghan was whisked away to Galway University Hospital for treatment.

Not much else is known about the incident that triggered the alleged assault, and as of this moment Keoghan isn’t filing an official complaint on the matter. No arrests have taken place, and another man in his 20s was apparently treated for non-life threatening injuries as well. But other than these other details, much is not known at this time about who allegedly assaulted Barry Keoghan, or why.

There is one final twist that seems to add a little bit more mystery to this tale, as highlighted by The Irish Post’s telling of events. Apparently, Keoghan had posted on his personal Instagram at some point with a message that only fuels the fires of wanting to know what exactly happened. While you might not find it amidst the messages supporting the release of Eternals, Barry Keoghan had allegedly written the following in response to the events at hand:

Note to self, I told you so. Sincerely, Your Intuition.

An investigation is underway into the matter of the Eternals’ actor and what exactly happened in Galway. With Barry Keoghan’s profile being pretty high after roles in films like Dunkirk, and more recently David Lowery’s medieval epic The Green Knight, 2021 feels like a year set to put the Irish actor over the top with his MCU debut. Unfortunately, the spotlight can sometimes attract the attention of parties that wish to do harm; and that will undoubtedly be a factor in the ongoing processing of this investigation.

We here at CinemaBlend wish Barry Keoghan a speedy recovery, in light of this horrific act. Meanwhile, Marvel’s Eternals makes its way into theaters on November 5th, in-between the upcoming September release of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and this December’s big unveiling of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Should you want to see what those films are competing against, as well as what else is in store for theatrical audiences throughout the rest of the year, check out the 2021 release schedule to see what else is headed to a theater near you.

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