Tom Felton Responds To That Viral Harry Potter TikTok Challenge For Draco Malfoy Fans

Whether or not veteran Wizarding World fans want to believe it, it’s been nearly 20 years since Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone first hit theaters and left a magical mark on cinema. Of course, in recent years, the film franchise has also thrived in the realm of social media. One viral TikTok challenge actually involves fan-favorite Slytherin Draco Malfoy, and Tom Felton has now shared some thoughts on how his character has taken the internet by storm.

In the #PottahChallenge, numerous Harry Potter fans seek to seamlessly replicate Draco Malfoy’s pronunciation of the titular hero’s last name. Tom Felton himself, an avid social media user, has since contributed to the challenge in a fun way. Check out his original TikTok post down below:


Tom Felton’s throwback photos and behind-the-scenes tidbits have pretty much become a staple of social media at this point. Yet the actor actually wasn’t set on achieving social media fame when he joined platforms like TikTok and Instagram. And it would seem the Pottah Challenge also caught him by surprise:

I got into it through various different means of social media. I’ve seen the fan flame exists globally, which is a lot of fun… I didn’t realize that a lot of people had asked me to say ‘Potter!’ over the years… it’s exciting to see so many people give it a try, from every country around the world, and doing a marvelous job at it.

While Tom Felton may be shocked by how the challenge has taken off, I’m not. The Harry Potter series is filled with memorable lines, ranging from Heromine’s “It’s Leviosa, not Leviosaaa!” or Dobby’s heartfelt “Dobby is free.” And Malfoy’s distinct way of saying “Potter” definitely stands amongst the series’ best soundbites. And during his appearance on the Wizarding World YouTube channel’s Back to Hogwarts celebration, Felton explained just how often he’s approached about the iconic quip:

A little bit. They request it more than they shout it at me, so that’s better.

Tom Felton seems to take all of the attention in stride, though. And let’s be honest, the star has taken plenty of opportunities to express his love for the franchise that made him a Hollywood staple. His enthusiasm is infectious, and has been the source of plenty of positivity within the Wizarding World fanbase as of late.

With the 20th anniversary of The Sorcerer’s Stone upon us, one can only hope Tom Felton and his co-stars get a chance to reunite and talk about old times. But while we wait for word on a reunion, we can at least look forward to the Harry Potter films making their return to HBO Max, which you can sign up for using this link.

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