The Excitement On Tom Felton’s Face As He Talks About Filming His Very First Harry Potter Scene Is Wonderful

Tom Felton in Harry Potter

Harry Potter fans, get ready to drop your wands. Because Tom Felton did a live react of his opening scene in the first Harry Potter film, and it’s pretty much the most adorable thing ever. The expressions on his face are pure magic as he watches his younger self step into the Great Hall for the first time as Draco Malfoy and as he talks about filming his very first scene in the Harry Potter franchise, which millions of children could only dream of.

In celebration of all the Harry Potter films now being available for streaming on Peacock, Tom Felton teamed up with the streaming platform and recorded a live TikTok of himself rewatching the scene his character Draco Malfoy is first introduced. And it just happens to be followed by the magical entrance into the Great Hall and the sorting ceremony. You can check out the video below, which is actually pretty heartwarming to see the actor react to the child-versions of himself and all his co stars:

It’s incredibly sweet to see Tom Felton react to seeing his childhood coworkers and friends come on screen the way he first met them so many years ago, and you can definitely tell he has memorized some of their mannerisms from rewatching the franchise so many times. He mimics Ron’s facial expressions and reactions and the way he reacts to Matthew Lewis coming on screen is so pure.

Besides his reactions being so great for fans to watch, Tom Felton also gives a little background on what he and the other actors experienced walking into the Great Hall at first. Apparently they had not seen it prior to walking in during filming, and their reactions of amazement were totally real. From the sheer amount of people dressed as witches and wizards in the room, to the vastness of the hall, and the very real floating candles, it would be difficult for anyone to react with anything less than amazement. Here’s what the star says, in his own words:

This is definitely the third thing I remember. We’d never seen the Great Hall ever, [the sorting] was our first actual look at it. So, everyone looking around going, ‘Oh, my days,’ that was real. Also, all those candles are real. It was before VFX came in. You had them on a string. The sky, that they did later on, but it was ridiculous, it was amazing. It still is! Look at the size of the place! Hundreds of background people, supporting artists.

Tom Felton also lets us in on another little tidbit: his real-life grandfather was in the Great Hall too and even made it into one of the shots that is in the film. We can see him in a green robe and purple wizard’s hat seated near Dumbledore at the front of the Hall. Felton looks totally ecstatic to see him, too. Here’s what he says:

Oh my days, that is my grandfather, as well. I forgot my grandfather -- my real grandfather -- is in this. Not him, he’s not Dumbledore.

Tom Felton’s utter excitement makes me want to rewatch all the Harry Potter films. Or, better yet, it makes me totally want to see the cast reunite for a live viewing party to gauge everyone’s reactions. Now that would be magical.

Carlie Hoke
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