Keanu Reeves Shows Off New Look For Neo In The Matrix Resurrections Footage

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Almost 20 years have passed since the supposed peace of The Matrix Revolutions, with Keanu Reeves’ Neo nobly sacrificing himself to give humanity and machines a chance at coexistence. Well, that truce looks like it’s about to be broken, as Lana Wachowski’s The Matrix Resurrections has brought back Reeves’ iconic cyberpunk savior, and with a brand new look. Though depending on who you ask, this brand new look seems very familiar.

Thanks to Warner Bros releasing the teaser site for The Matrix Resurrections, and its big marketing campaign, two small teasers have been dropped. Hiding behind a red pill and a blue pill, natch, you’re supposed to choose the path, which leads to a unique video narrated by one of two characters. And in one of those short clips, the first look at what folks are definitely going to be calling “Neo Wick” has been granted for all of us to see:

Neo readies his fists for a fight in The Matrix Resurrections.

Whoa. Just as the prophecy known as the CinemaCon footage foretold, Keanu Reeves’ Neo looks almost exactly like the infamous hitman John Wick. Which, when you think about it, makes sense for two big reasons. First, it’s been forever since we’ve seen Neo, now going by “Thomas” once again in the world of The Matrix. So he’s probably felt comfortable to let his hair, and beard, grow out into its non-savior duty form.

However, since Neo has always been a Jesus style figure, now more than ever in a movie called The Matrix Resurrections, the look has another meaning. Neo looks to be on his way back into the world where humans and machines are fighting for supremacy, and the stakes look higher, and trippier than ever. So while a lot of folks may be thinking of the John Wick films right about now, let’s not forget the game that’s always been in play at the heart of The Matrix movies.

The world of The Matrix Resurrections is still a mystery, with dueling perspectives on display yet again. If you’re curious which look this Neo clip comes from, we’ll confess, it’s from the Red Pill clip that sounds like it’s narrated by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s potentially rebooted Morpheus. So if you want to see what else this world has to offer, you should definitely watch the Blue Pill clip as well. Just remember, in the end, you have to choose one path to stay on for the duration of your journey.

The Matrix Resurrections boots up in theaters, and on HBO Max, on December 22nd; and in two days, we’ll get our first look at the movie’s initial trailer. If you’re looking to stream Neo’s latest adventure in the comfort of your own home, you’ll definitely want to check out the latest subscription offer that’ll show you just what The Matrix is. Which currently means you’ll get to see the entire Matrix Trilogy, as well as The Animatrix, in one convenient library.

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