Michael Bay Celebrates Shirtless As New Movie Wraps, And Tyrese Gibson Had The Perfect Comment

Tyrese Gibson in Fast 5

When it comes to Michael Bay movies, there a few things you can count on. They always include insane action, the sort of action specifically designed to impress with as much style as possible. Also, the main characters are also impossibly good looking people most of the time, and the camera is there to make them look as good looking as possible. A lot of time men show up with no shirts on just so you know how good looking they are, but now Michael Bay has turned the camera on himself, and he's getting some great comments from friends and fans, including Tyrese Gibson, who calls the result "bayham."

For the uninitiated, "bayhem" is the sort of mayhem that is frequently created in movies directed by Michael Bay. His action is so specific to himself that is has gained it's own name. However, in a comment on Michael Bay's Instagram, where the director shows up shirtless to start his own summer vacation after wrapping his latest movie, Tyrese Gibson has coined a new term. Gibson called this image "bayham" which is apparently what you call it when Michael Bay is looking like a hunk of meat.

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It's no "Will Smith running toward the camera in Bad Boys," but yeah, this looks like "bayham." I mean, I guess if you have 400,000 Instagram followers and you look decent with your shirt off, you might as well use that for what it's worth.

Summer may be wrapping up for most of us, but Michael Bay is just getting started on his summer vacation, as he's been spending the last few months on his movie Ambulance. The films stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as a couple of robbers who steal an ambulance when their heist goes bad. The movie was shooting earlier this year and attendees at the most recent CinemaCon got a look at it, but it sounds like the movie is wrapped up and ready to go, though it isn't set for release until next year.

Normally we wouldn't see a movie like this completed quite so far out from its release, the movie doesn't even have a set release date yet, but normal isn't exactly a word that means much any more when it comes to film production. While movies are still being made, they're taking longer, and they're still only being released at a snail's pace compared to what we're used to seeing. The result is that we're seeing movies completed long before they end up getting released.

It's possible this could mean a longer than usual vacation for Michael Bay. While he's got his name attached to a number of movies as a producer, the only directing gig he has on the horizon is Robocalypse, a film that has been in development hell for years, and thus there's no guarantee it's actually going to happen.

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