Grandma’s Boy Star And Frequent Adam Sandler Collaborator Peter Dante Arrested After Allegedly Threatening To Kill Neighbor

It’s been an interesting time for stories involving character actors and the law. Recently, the world learned about Grease star Eddie Deezen and his arrest at a local restaurant for, among other things, assault and public disturbance. But now, Grandma’s Boy star and frequent Adam Sandler collaborator Peter Dante has been arrested, after allegedly threatening to kill his neighbor.

Dante’s story starts with a complaint about noisy construction that came from his neighbor’s house, which according to TMZ’s reporting started The Waterboy co-star down a path of anger. After making threats to not only kill his neighbor, but also his wife and children, Peter Dante was eventually arrested by the authorities for “making felony threats.” While he was thrown into jail for a moment, Dante was eventually released on bail.

The report that broke the story of Peter Dante’s alleged threats also mentioned that the actor has run into this sort of trouble before. Citing a previous arrest from 2013, Dante’s story only deepens when learning that he was thrown out of a hotel in L.A., after engaging in similar behavior. At the time of this writing, and after TMZ reached out for a comment from Peter Dante himself, his side of the story is still a mystery.

Since 1998’s The Wedding Singer, Peter Dante has made himself a fixture of the Happy Madison universe. Also spotted in films like The Waterboy, as well as TV shows such as The King of Queens, Dante’s resume was quite impressive. Though his most memorable role is arguably that of Dante, irresponsible lover of animals and weed dealer to Allen Covert’s Alex, in the 2006 cult hit Grandma’s Boy. More recently, Mr. Dante was credited in an independent film, titled The Pizza Joint.

It’s upsetting that Peter Dante’s story isn’t even the first case where we’ve learned of a celebrity threatening someone’s family to this extent. Not too long ago, former Jackass star Bam Margera was issued a restraining order, after threatening to kill franchise director Jeff Tremaine and his family. It’s unknown if we’ll hear any further details connected to Dante’s situation, or what further proceedings may arise from these alleged actions. Though should any updates be made, that news will more than likely travel fast in light of these initial findings.

For now, it’s another moment to be thankful that this altercation was merely verbal, with no bodily harm coming to any of the involved parties. Should you want to return to the world of entertainment news, we can offer a simple gateway back to such things. Check out our 2021 release schedule, and enjoy a reminder of what’s coming to a theater or steaming service near you, throughout the rest of the year.

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