Watch Daniel Craig's Emotional Speech From His Last Day Filming As James Bond

Daniel Craig stands with a look of concern in No Time To Die.

Throughout his career as James Bond, Daniel Craig has had his ups and downs with the pressures of playing 007. Who could blame him? Being the sixth actor in the official franchise to play Ian Fleming’s espionage hero is a mantle that comes with intense scrutiny. However, there’s also an intense pride, especially when it comes to how No Time To Die will close off the era that saw Bond become a truly modern hero. That pride caused Daniel Craig, and anyone who could fit on the set during that last night, to share an emotional moment.

After the release of Being James Bond: The Daniel Craig Story, fans have been sharing their favorite new revelations from director Baillie Walsh’s comprehensive documentary. One of the most impressive inclusions has to be in the section pertaining to No Time To Die, where we see Daniel Craig give a speech after wrapping on his final scene. Courtesy of Twitter, you can watch part of that speech below:

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While this is only part of the moment that saw Daniel Craig conclude his speech with a strong clap and tears in his eyes, it’s still enough to see just how emotional the actor was when finishing No Time To Die. Covering his 15 years in the role of James Bond, that speech addresses the obvious carnival of quotes that have come out of Daniel Craig’s time in the tuxedo. No matter what he’s said in the past, and the circumstances that have spurred such statements on, it’s clear that Mr. Craig is thankful for his time in such a legendary role.

The clip you see above is only part of the speech that Daniel Craig gave on his last day as James Bond, and there are some other moments that are shown in Being James Bond that really sell the immensity of this moment. One such moment is when Barbara Broccoli, co-producer of the James Bond films alongside Michael G. Wilson, hugged Mr. Craig after his remarks. Overcome with emotion herself, we see Ms. Broccoli walking away tearfully after embracing the 007 she fought to cast so long ago.

A grand moment such as Daniel Craig wrapping production on No Time To Die is a hard thing to keep under wraps. Especially when, as he mentioned in the full run of his speech, there’s some people that have worked with him throughout the last 30 years of his career. While Being James Bond: The Daniel Craig Story shows us those final moments of Craig’s tenure, Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson can be heard discussing just how packed the crowd witnessing the event happened to be:

Barbara Broccoli: It was a historic moment. Everyone came. We were night shooting, and everyone came down to kind of witness the moment. Because we knew how significant it was. It was deeply emotional. I mean, everyone was sobbing. Literally sobbing.Michael G. Wilson: People wouldn’t leave. You know, usually on night shifts, everybody leaves, no? They just stood around, and just embraced each other.

The James Bond film franchise has always been a family business. Be it by the actual family ties shared by Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, to the relationships forged at EON Productions, the 007 legacy is something all who work on it seem to be terribly proud of. Daniel Craig’s example of such pride only proves that point further, sealing his time as Bond with a bittersweet note, while preparing the stage for his eventual successor. A task that, if you ask Broccoli or Wilson about at the current moment, feels like they have all the time in the world to complete.

No Time To Die makes its way into theaters on September 30 in the UK, and October 8 in the US. Which gives audiences plenty of time to rent Being James Bond: The Daniel Craig Story, which is available for free on Apple TV until October 7. So make sure you act as soon as you can to learn the full story behind Daniel Craig's historic career making run.

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