Chris Pratt Talks Knowing One Actor Was Perfect For The Role In The Tomorrow War

Chris Pratt and Sam Richardson in The tomorrow War

Chris Pratt’s The Tomorrow War hit streaming earlier this year and provided audiences with an exciting and unique sci-fi adventure. While critics weren't incredibly impressed by it, Pratt's fans loved it, and that's surely a win for the movie. It was recently confirmed that the Guardians of the Galaxy actor is re-teaming with his Tomorrow War co-star, Sam Richardson, for an exciting new project. Richardson was one of the best parts of the film, and Pratt apparently thinks very highly of the actor. Just recently, he even explained how he knew Richardson was also right for his role in Amazon's sci-fi film.

One would suspect that Chris Pratt and Sam Richardson really enjoyed working together on The Tomorrow War, given that they're already working on another project together. Pratt recently took to his Instagram to announce the new film and, in his message, he shared praise for Richardson:

So pumped to be working with Sam and Jen again!! Get ready to laugh your ass off! Be on the lookout for Stranded Asset! Sam was the first and only person we wanted to cast as Charlie in The Tomorrow War. He’s so incredibly talented, funny and nice to boot! Same with Jen. Super talented and good peoples. Lessgo!!!

The new film is called Stranded Asset, an action-comedy that, according to Chris Pratt, should take audiences on a hilarious ride. Sam Richardson co-wrote the film with Jen D’Angelo, and Pratt is producing it under his Indivisible Productions banner for Universal. Interestingly enough, Richardson and D’Angelo both previously worked as on-set writers for The Tomorrow War.

Most who've seen The Tomorrow War would probably agree with Chris Pratt's assessment of Sam Richardson's talent. Through his role as Charlie, the actor not only proved that he could not only embrace the physicality that comes with action movies but that he could also keep audiences laughing throughout the spectacle. Hopefully, the positive working relationship between Pratt and Richardson will yield positive creative results for Stranded Asset.

In addition to the new film, we also know that The Tomorrow War is getting a sequel, thanks to the massive streaming numbers it garnered. Chris Pratt will also be teaming up with Amazon again for a TV series. The show, titled The Terminal List, will be a military action thriller, and its premise sounds intriguing. Needless to say, Pratt is booked and busy over the next few years.

As of right now, a release date has not been announced for Stranded Asset, so we can't say where it will fall within Chris Pratt's busy schedule. Still, it's great that both he and Sam Richardson will be sharing the screen once again. Hopefully, the film delivers on Pratt's promise of big laughs but, with him and Richardson involved, there shouldn't be too much doubt there.

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