After Jackass 4 Lawsuit And Custody Issues, Bam Margera Picked Up By Police And Taken To Rehab Facility

The Jackass franchise has been going strong for decades, and it looks like the dangerous prank series is ending with the upcoming movie Jackass 4. And as fans wait for that movie to hit theaters, there's been a ton of drama behind the scenes with former cast member Bam Margera. He's been having issues with custody as well as his lawsuit aimed at folks like Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O since he was excluded from the upcoming fourth movie. And now it seems that Margera is heading to rehab after being picked up by the police.

The latest update regarding Bam Margera comes to us from TMZ. The report claims that the Viva La Bam star recently came into contact with police officers in Florida during a stay at the Don CeSar Resort Hotel in St. Pete Beach. They were called for Margera reportedly being "emotionally distressed" at the hotel, and ended up picking him up and transporting him to a rehabilitation facility in the back of the cop car. There were no new charges filed against him, with the TV personality instead hopefully getting some much-needed help.

This is just the latest example of Bam Margera making headlines, with the Jackass icon seemingly going through a difficult time with multiple challenges. As previously mentioned, he's been in the midst of a legal battle with his former collaborators over Jackass 4, and how he wasn't included in the cast. The drama has elevated to the point that the director filed a restraining order against Margera. It remains to be seen if this latest encounter with police and trip to rehab has an effect on these proceedings.

In addition to drama surrounding his professional life, Bam Margera is also in the midst of a custody battle. His wife Nicole Boyd recently filed for custody of their 3 year-old son. What's more, she asked that Margera only be given visitation under supervision. While the two remain married and reportedly haven't filed for divorce, it shows the drama that the Jackass personality has been facing on all fronts.

Given this immense pressure and the reports that Bam Margera was struggling with his sobriety, perhaps this latest drama is the beginning of an upswing. A rehabilitation center will presumably have the resources that he might need to get well. And once in recovery perhaps the public will see Margera's issues with his wife and Jackass 4 settle. Only time will tell.

While Bam Margera won't be present, anticipation for Jackass 4 has been rising thanks to the first wild footage. But the movie was also recently delayed a number of months, likely as a result of the ongoing pandemic. And while some rumors indicated the drama with Margera might be the cause, that's been refuted. The movie is currently set to arrive in theaters on February 4th, 2022. In the meantime, check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

Corey Chichizola
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