Dave Bautista Clarifies Daniel Craig’s Story About Breaking His Nose On Spectre

Daniel Craig and Dave Bautista in Spectre

Daniel Craig is finally close to saying goodbye to his role as the iconic James Bond, but he's not leaving without a few hilarious stories to tell. Most recently Craig relayed an anecdote that he actually broke Dave Bautista's nose on the set of Spectre. While it was obviously not intentional, it was just an errant punch during the filming of a fight scene, Craig said he literally ran away after he realized what had happened. Because, quite realistically, he was afraid Big Dave might seriously hurt him. Now Dave Bautista has responded to the story, and he says that while some of the story is true, he doesn't remember it all quite that way.

Dave Bautista confirmed on Twitter that yes, Daniel Craig did in fact break his nose while filming their fight scene in Spectre. But as funny as it sounds that Daniel Craig high-tailed it away after that, Bautista says that he never actually did that. He apparently actually gave The Animal a hug and apologized, and then they went back to work.

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Maybe Daniel Craig didn't run away in fear, but I'm not sure anybody would have blamed him if he did. Dave Bautista is a big guy, even when he's in the room with other big guys. And while he seems to be a pretty nice person in the grand scheme of things, I'm not sure anybody would blame him for being less nice after somebody broke his nose.

But according to Dave Bautista, it was all good. They actually laughed about the incident, and once Bautista changed clothes and the bleeding stopped, they went back to filming their fight scene, which was an absolutely fantastic fight scene. Spectre may have its issues as a movie, but that sequence is not one of them.

Now is the time to look back on those special moments making James Bond for Daniel Craig. No Time to Die is (finally) on the verge of being released, and it will mark the end of Craig's tenure in the role, the sixth man to play Ian Fleming's super spy. While Craig clearly had his moments when he got a little frustrated, being part of the franchise was obviously special to him.

When other James Bond actors left the role, it wasn't necessarily that big a deal to the franchise as a whole. Earlier films were much more episodic, but the Craig movies have been telling a single story throughout their different adventures, so we're coming to the end not only of the performance, but of the story being told. How it will all end is anybody's guess. Where it will all go from here is an even bigger question that we all will likely be asking very soon.

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