Daniel Craig Teases His No Time To Die Nudity As James Bond

James Bond listening to M vent about his latest adversary Lyutsifer Safin's technology-based plan in the trailer for No Time to Die

As much as the Bond films are centered around espionage and intense action, sensuality and beautiful women are part of that legacy as well. Seeing scantily-clad women being bedded by James Bond is a hallmark – there’s no Bond film without those scenes. But audiences might be in for a different take in Daniel Craig’s swan song No Time to Die. Craig teased viewers will see more James Bond than they’ve ever have seen before in his final film.

Nudity is nothing new for Daniel Craig in his role as 007. Viewers have gotten peeks here and there of Craig’s body during his tenure as Bond. But now, moviegoers can expect more of the actor in his final Bond film. The No Time to Die star said about how often audiences will see his naked body:

More naked than the women. I’ve designed it that way.

For some viewers, it might be quite uncomfortable seeing a nude Daniel Craig repeatedly on the big screen. Others will probably enjoy staring at Craig’s chiseled body for his final Bond outing. At least, the actor was the one who chose to display his body. Oftentimes, Craig’s female co-stars must either bare all or wear revealing or little clothing in most scenes. His tenure did somewhat change that troupe with some usual dynamics still intact.

But Daniel Craig has always been about turning James Bond conventions since he starred in 2006’s Casino Royale. Craig admitted to The Guardian that it was his mission from the beginning to balance out the nudity between Bond and his female counterparts. He knew certain tropes associated with Bond girls weren’t going to work today. It was Craig’s idea to have 007 emerge from the water in his now-infamous blue swim trunks in his first James Bond foray. He wanted to level the playing field for everyone. He even pushed for strong female characters like Miss Moneypenny and the new 007 Nomi to be part of the Bond pantheon.

With Daniel Craig showing off his body, it may require the next James Bond to step up their fitness game. Of course, physical fitness is only part of the rigorous audition process to become the next 007. But Craig becoming the next Bond blueprint was an uphill battle. He almost passed on the iconic role before taking up the mantle. He might’ve wanted to renege on the role after the initial backlash from Bond fans over his looks. Thankfully, Craig stuck with the role and moved the long-running franchise forward.

Along with some intense action and steely stares, Daniel Craig has given Bond fans a nice parting gift – his toned body. But the final film will be an emotional affair for Craig as well as the audience. Moviegoers will finally see the big payoff while bidding farewell to the actor when No Time to Die arrives in theaters on Oct. 8.

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