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Have you ever wanted to see Jack Bauer investigate the murder of Edward Cullen by the notorious vampire killer Blade? How about see the Winchester brothers from Supernatural fight against an army of raged out T-Virus zombies from Resident Evil? And wouldn’t you love to see a reunion of everyone’s favorite crack team of FBI agents? Well the Contagion web series has everything you could ever need.

Put together using existing footage from an incredibly nerdy list of movies and TV shows, Contagion promises a unique look at characters you all know and love. Mixing sharp editing with a clever use of masking and CGI, this web series will surely separate itself from the other “mash-ups” recklessly tossed together. There clearly a talent behind this that Youtube rarely sees.

With the next episode coming out December 21st, I’ll be anxiously waiting to see just how this story pans out.

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