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Here’s what you don’t expect a cliché comedy about fighting relatives at a wedding gone awry to be called: The Reasonable Bunch. Since that’s the title of just such an upcoming comedy starring Demi Moore, Thomas Haden Church, and Kate Bosworth maybe there’s more to it than the press released premise reveals. Or maybe whoever wrote the title has a more highly developed sense of irony than whoever wrote the script. Hey remember when comedies used to star, you know, funny people?

THR says the movie will be helmed by Barry Levinson’s son Sam who had never directed anything before, until he directed a tiny indie movie earlier this year called Devil in my Shoes. Now he’s shooting a star-studded wedding comedy in New York this month. Hard work and perseverance pay off. Also in the cast are Martin Landau, Ellen Barkin, and Ellen Burstyn.

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