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Kim Jee-Woon’s The Last Stand, better known as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first movie project since leaving political office, will open over next year’s Martin Luther King Day holiday (Jan. 18, specifically), according to Lionsgate and reported on Deadline.

The film casts Arnie as a disgraced LAPD officer who bolts Southern California and retires to a sleepy Mexico border town where he and a ragtag bunch of inexperienced cops must stop a cartel leader as he flees the authorities. Woon will make his English-language debut with the picture after helming two incredible foreign films in The Good, The Bad and The Weird and I Saw the Devil. Last Stand, which is in pre-production, works from a screenplay credited to Jeffrey Nachmanoff and Andrew Knauer. As of right now, Schwarzenegger is the only know cast member for Jee-Woon’s production, which will have to start shooting soon to make it’s announced release date.

It remains to be seen, however, whether audiences members want to see Schwarzenegger in any film after the former governor and one-time A-list action star was embroiled in an extramarital scandal that proved he fathered children outside of his marriage to Maria Shriver. In the short term, movie projects on Schwarzenegger’s radar were scrubbed – from a fifth Terminator movie to a rumored Cry Macho and an animated Governator project.

Instead, he’ll make his literal and metaphorical last stand as a fading hero in Woon’s sure-to-be-bloody box office standoff. Whether it’s Schwarzenegger last chance to get back in mainstream Hollywood’s good graces remains to be seen.

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