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As I’m sure you are aware, the Academy Awards were held tonight and some of the best movies of 2011 were awarded Oscars for their achievements. But the timespan between January 1st and December 31st is a long there are new movies being released every single weekend. As a result, there’s a good chance that a) you might not have seen every title that won an award tonight and/or b) you might have missed our coverage of said title. Well, you’re in luck.

I have taken it upon myself to dig through the Cinema Blend archives and pull out every review, interview, feature and editorial we published for all of the films that were declared winners this evening. Below you will find coverage ranging from an interview with Best Actor winner Jean Dujardin from The Artist to a feature in which the entire staff got together and ranked the top 25 Muppets. Get caught up with all the Oscar winners right here!

NOTE: While we here at Cinema Blend do everything we can to cover absolutely every movie out there, there were two feature films that won Oscars tonight that we sadly did not have the chance to cover. While the rest of the titles are here, sadly we were unable to review both The Iron Lady and A Separation. Enjoy the rest of the movies, though!

The Artist Star Jean Dujardin On How Gene Kelly Inspired His Work

The Artist Director Michel Hazanavicius On The Hit Silent Film Nobody Wanted Him To Make

Review: The Artist

For Your Consideration: The Artist Is More Than Just A Simple Crowdpleaser

Hugo Producer Graham King On 3D And Johnny Depp's Attempted Cameo

Hugo Star Asa Butterfield Reveals The Scorsese Movies He's Still Not Allowed To Watch

Scorsese's Hugo, Even Unfinished, May Be The Best Live-Action 3D Film Ever

To 3D Or Not To 3D: Buy The Right Hugo Ticket

Operation Kino Podcast #38: The Muppets And Hugo Reviewed

Review: Hugo

For Your Consideration: As A True Love Letter To Cinema, Hugo Should Be King

Exclusive Interview: The Help Director Tate Taylor

Exclusive: Chris Columbus Explains What To Expect From The Help, And How Gwen Stacy Changed His Life

Cinema Con: The Help Brings History, Humor, And Female Strength To Summer Movie Season

The Help Set Visit: Talking Accents And Heat With Emma Stone On Location In The Deep South

Talking To Viola Davis And Octavia Spencer On The Mississippi Set Of The Help

Talking To Bryce Dallas Howard And Director Tate Taylor On The Set Of The Help

Review: The Help

The Help Director Tate Taylor Talks His Golden Globe-Nominated Hit

For Your Consideration: The Help Is Heritage Not Defined By Hate

From New York To London To Paris: Why I Wish Woody Allen Would Comment On My Town

Interview: Woody Allen Talks Europe, New York And Missing Baseball For Midnight In Paris

Review: Midnight In Paris

For Your Consideration: Midnight In Paris Is The Best Picture Nominee That Gets Nostalgia Right

The Descendants Director Alexander Payne On Casting Clooney And Hawaii Locations

The Descendants Breakout Star Shailene Woodley Reveals What George Clooney Has Taught Her

Judy Greer On Getting Starstruck And Fighting For A Dramatic Role In The Descendants

Toronto Film Festival Video Blog #2: Double Clooney For Ides Of March And The Descendants

Review: The Descendants

For Your Consideration: The Descendants Is The Best Picture That's Hollywood Drama At Its Best

Director James Bobin Talks About What Makes The Muppets So Delightful

The Muppets Are Back! So What Happens Next?

The Muppets Co-Writer Nicholas Stoller Talks About Where It All Began

Bret McKenzie Talks Pressure Of Making Muppet Movie Music

Operation Kino Podcast #38: The Muppets And Hugo Reviewed

The Top 25 Muppets In History, Ranked

Review: The Muppets

Interview: Melanie Laurent Makes Her Big American Leap With Beginners

Review: Beginners

Rango Preview: Gore Verbinski's Animated Western Looks Weird And Suprisingly Funny

Exclusive Interview: Rango Director Gore Verbinski

Review: Rango

A Detailed Discussion Of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo With Screenwriter Steven Zaillian

Operation Kino Podcast #42: Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Reviewed And 2012 Trailers Discussed

8 Biggest Differences Between The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Book And Movie

The Five Most Common Misconceptions About David Fincher's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Dragon Tattoo Star Rooney Mara Talks On-Set Bruises And Becoming Lisbeth Salander

Review: The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo

Alternate Take Review: The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo

Review: Undefeated

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