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Last year Elizabeth Olsen drew major notice at Sundance, not only for her star-making turn in the mind-bending drama Martha Marcy May Marlene but also for her subtle but solid performance in the real time horror-thriller Silent House. The latter features Olsen as Sarah Murphy, a young woman who accompanies her father to the family's isolated lake house, which they hope to repair and sell. However, shortly after their arrival, strange noises begin to spook her, and soon she and her father are trapped within the house in a deadly game of cat and mouse. While the concept is old, the execution is daring. Silent House plays out in real time, and is executed in a single take style that keeps the audience with Sarah through every step of her terrifying 88 minute ordeal.

In a shrewd move, Silent House's U.S. distributor, Open Road Films, has chosen to hold the movie's release, waiting until Martha Marcy May Marlene had made her an ingénue to keep an eye on. And now you can. Silent House won't hit theaters until next week, but you can get a taste of the terror below, thanks to three new clips and an eerie motion poster.

While the trailer focuses on doom-fueled narration, cryptic cuts and jump scares, these clips offer a more understated and strange style of horror. In the first, Sarah reconnects with an old acquaintance in an awkward and unsettling reunion moment.

The next clip explains this cottage is without electricity, and here we see Sarah and her dad exploring the shadowy interior, plagued by chilling squeaks that put her on edge.

The final clip shows Sarah alone. Here she searches for her father; her only comfort against the dark is her lantern. There are no creepy noises here, but something far worse waits in the dark.

And last but not least, a disturbing motion poster that shows Olsen's fear mount, sandwiched between Silent House's assurance of "real fear" based on "true events." But to get the full freaky effect, be sure to have your speakers on.

Silent House opens March 9th

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