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At their best, horror movies haunt viewers long after their credits have rolled and the audiences have gone home. These movies make you question that bump in the dark. Was it really just the house settling or the steps of the upstairs neighbors? Or was it something more menacing…with an insatiable lust for carnage? Basically, these kinds of features kick your imagination into an anxiety-ridden overdrive that can literally make you jump at your own shadow. But what if it was your fear and over-active imagination that actually created the spooky villains at the center of horror movies?

This is the premise of Warner Bros upcoming thriller The Apparition. Twilight's Ashley Green co-stars with Captain America's Sebastian Stan and Harry Potter's Tom Felton as overeager researchers who participate in a university parapsychology experiment to see if belief can manifest a supernatural presence. Of course, once their haunting hypothesis is proven, they wish it wasn't as their newly created ghoul proves its deadly power.

Check out this chilling flick's first trailer below:

The classic adage "there's nothing to fear but fear itself" takes on a whole new relevance here, as it is fear that attracts this creepy creature like a freaky pheromone, while belief in the paranormal gives it the power to kill. It's a concept that should hit home with horror fans, much in the way the haunted video cassette at the center of 2002's The Ring did. Should this ghost tale prove similarly successful, The Apparition could make first-time helmer Todd Lincoln the genre's next hot writer-director.

The Apparition opens August 24th.

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