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From Cinderella Man to A Beautiful Mind and Frost/Nixon, Ron Howard has scored big bringing real-life tales to the silver screen. So after the critically scorned box office bomb The Dilemma, it was a wise move for the Oscar-winning director to return to biopics for the flick's follow-up, Rush.

Based on the incredible story of Formula 1 racer Niki Lauda, the drama penned by the Academy Award nominated scribe of Frost/Nixon and The Queen, Peter Morgan, fittingly focuses on the champion's comeback following a horrific crash in 1976, as well as his rivalry and friendship with the flashy James Hunt. Daniel Bruhl, who played the Nazi war hero Fredrick Zoller in Inglourious Basterds, stars as Lauda, while the leading man of the hour Chris Hemsworth (The Avengers, Snow White and the Huntsman) tackles the role of Hunt the Shunt.

The film is not due out until 2013, but BBC has already offered an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Rush's production, which you can check out below:

Here Howard talks about his passion for the project and the sport of Formula 1 racing, saying,
"I really do want Formula 1 fans to feel respected and to appreciate the movie. I suppose if I had one wish for it, it'd be that."

Showing plenty of the archival footage of Lauda and Hunt—as well as the former's fiery accident—in conjunction with the meticulous set and costume design of Rush deftly communicates Howard's respect for the '70s-set story as well as his desire to get it right. Even from this glimpse at the production, the stunts look to be mindful of capturing the intense exhilaration of this dangerous sport while likewise revealing the grace and skill involved. So it seems Formula 1 fans will be pleased, but it's the cast—which also includes Olivia Wilde and Natalie Dormer—as well as the inspiring narrative that should drive even more moviegoers to see Rush.

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