The 12th annual Tribeca Film Festival has kicked off with a wide selection of buzzed-about features and shorts, promising narrative films and daring documentaries, quirky comedies and devastating dramas. What began as an inspired tool to get lower Manhattan back on track after the events of 9/11 has grown into a star-studded 12-day cinema-centric celebration that this year welcomes Keira Knightley, Rory Culkin, Heather Graham, Glenn Close, Aubrey Plaza, Robin Williams, Diane Lane, and many, many more.

From midnight movies to directorial debuts, intriguing indies to challenging foreign films, there's loads to choose from at the Tribeca Film Fest. So to help you get some idea of just what's in store for this vibrant film festival, we've collected a selection of trailers from this year's lauded line-up. Take a look, and get your tickets while you can!

All plot synopses, courtesy of Tribeca Film.

Synopsis: You know the story: sexy teens head to a secluded lakeside cabin for a weekend of debauched fun, but as the temperatures rise both on and off the beach, a menacing force is lurking just around the corner, laying in wait to start picking them off one by one. But this isn’t just any horror movie cabin, because here the culprit proves to be a horde of bloodthirsty zombie beavers, bringing with them enough splatter and innuendo to make Sharknado blush.

Reason To Watch: Playing in the midnight section, Zombeavers is sure to be just as bonkers as it is bloody. You might think you've seen every kind of zombie movie, but the producers of Cabin Fever, The Ring, We're The Millers and American Pie have set out to prove you wrong by making the wildest dam zombie movie yet. (Dam, get it?)

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