The casting call to play the young Han Solo was one of the biggest that we’ve ever seen in Hollywood. Nearly every male human with a headshot and a pulse was reviewed by Disney and Lucasfilm as they went looking for the man who would play the young version of Harrison Ford’s famous character. Now it looks like the thousands of potentials have been narrowed down to just a few.

According to Variety, the list is down to about a dozen names, eight of which are specifically listed. So here’s the rundown of the actors most likely to play Han Solo next. Do you like any of them? Do you prefer one over the others? Let us know.

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Miles Teller
Miles Teller is by far the best known name on the list. Teller starred alongside Oscar winner J.K. Simmons in the well-received Whiplash, and played the role of Reed Richards in the not so well received Fantastic Four reboot from this past summer. He’s also been part of the Divergent series. He’s been a fairly high demand actor recently, so his presence here is no surprise.

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