The Dear Evan Hansen Songs That Still Resonate With Julianne Moore To This Day

Dear Evan Hansen is filled with bops, and Julianne Moore has a few that have stuck with her.

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Chicago Med Showrunners Explain Will's Return After Getting Fired And His Burned Bridges In Season 7

Will Halstead is back for Chicago Med Season 7, but that doesn't mean there won't be complications.

Jordana Brewster Describes How Vin Diesel Is ‘A Big Brother’ For Her, Proving Fast And Furious Really Is About Family

Just like their Fast & Furious characters, Jordana Brewster and Vin Diesel share a close bond in real life.

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Director Justin Chon Talks Alicia Vikander In 'Blue Bayou'

Writer/Director/Star Justin Chon joins ReelBlend.

New Amsterdam Star Reveals How The New Bad Guy Will Mess Up Max's Plans After His Big Decision

Max made a big decision in New Amsterdam's Season 4 premiere, but it's not going to be smooth sailing.

Chicago P.D.'s Tracy Spiridakos And Jason Beghe Talk Upton And Voight's Big Secret, Halstead's Role And More

Tracy Spiridakos and Jason Beghe weighed in on Chicago P.D.'s big cliffhangers, including Upton and Voight's big secret and how Halstead is involved.

What If…?’s Seth Green Has Ideas For Howard The Duck-Centric Episodes, And They’re Pretty Great

Seth Green wants to see more of Howard the Duck on Marvel's What If...?.

Chicago Fire Boss Promises A 'Terrifying' Start To Season 10, And Fans Should Start Worrying

Chicago Fire isn't going easy in the Season 10 premiere, and the showrunner has a message for fans.

Jake Gyllenhaal Had To Rely On Zoom To Film Netflix's The Guilty And It Presented Wild New Challenges

The Guilty used a Zoom technique that presented Jake Gyllenhaal with some wild challenges, as well as a fantastic opportunity.

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F9’s Sung Kang Dreams Of An R-Rated Fast And Furious Movie That Explores The Darker Questions Surrounding Han

Sung Kang is interested in taking Han Lue into a darker corner of the Fast & Furious franchise.

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Star Wars: The Evolutions And Variations Of The Lightsaber

As far as fantastical science-fiction weapons go, there are few greater in cinematic history than the lightsaber.

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FBI: International Showrunner Talks Upcoming Crossovers In The Dick Wolf TV Universe

FBI: International is joining a TV universe filled with a number of other shows, including FBI and FBI: Most Wanted, and showrunner Derek Haas weighed in on crossovers and more.

The Croods Are Back To Explain What A Bounceberry Is And Why It's So Hard To Catch In This Family Tree Clip
F9 Director’s Cut Has More Cardi B And There Could Be More On The Way

Do you want to see more Cardi B in the Fast Saga?

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How New Amsterdam Is Handling The Sharpwin Relationship After Max And Helen's Big Kiss, According To One Star

After New Amsterdam ended Season 3 on a big Sharpwin moment, one star opened up about Max and Helen!

How Chicago Med Is Handling The Major Character Absences In Season 7, According To The Showrunners

Chicago Med is going to be missing some familiar faces from last season when it returns for Season 7, and here's how the show is going to handle that challenge!

F9’s Sung Kang Talks Asian Character Stereotypes, Fan Reactions To Han

It sounds like Han being an Asian character that did not follow a stereotypical expectation was just as meaningful to Sung Kang as it’s been to fans of the character and the series.

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Tom Hardy Worked An Eddie Murphy Tribute Into Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Had To Get ‘Special Permission’ To Do It

If you are going to reference a classic Eddie Murphy movie, this is the way to go.

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Dear Evan Hansen’s Amandla Stenberg On Bringing A New Song To The Movie

Dear Evan Hansen is making some changes to the story, including the debut of two new tracks.

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El Juego De Las Llaves Turns Up The Drama In New Season 2 Clip

It doesn't matter how fast you run… desire will find you. El Jugo De Las Llaves is back for Season 2!

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