Having An Actress Playing La Llorona On Set Made A World Of Difference To The Cast

Apparently, playing opposite a horrifying apparition still beats acting against tennis balls and green screens.

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Mark Hamill Went Above And Beyond To Make Chucky Special In The New Child's Play

The legendary actor who voiced the Joker in countless DC animated properties will now lend his voice to one of horror's icons in the upcoming remake/reboot.

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The Russo Brothers Share Their Favorite Character Arc in the MCU
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Triple Frontier Was Surprisingly Popular With Female Viewers
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New Chucky Will Make A Major Change From The Original Child's Play Chucky

Child’s Play will hack and slash its way into a competitive summer blockbuster frame.

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Regina Hall Really Loved Playing A Bad Boss In Little
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Triple Frontier’s Big Twist Even Surprised Its Premiere Audience
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Shazam's Editor Reveals The Scene That Was The Toughest To Get Right

Sometimes scenes are harder to bring to life than others.

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Why Horror Movies Like The Curse Of La Llorona Can Be Exhausting To Film

Even if the evil spirits aren't real, the exhaustion from running from them certainly is.

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Shazam's DVD Release Should Have A Ton Of Extra Footage That Was Cut From The Movie

It sounds like Shazam! will have plenty of deleted scenes, as the movie’s editor, Michell Aller, told CinemaBlend.

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Why Booksmart Feels So Similar To Superbad

The comparisons to Superbad make a lot of sense.

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Booksmart’s Female-Driven Story Isn’t Just For Women, According To Director Olivia Wilde
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How Stranger Things And Bob Newby Impacted Sean Astin's New Netflix Show

Sean Astin made his return to live-action Netflix with No Good Nick, and he shared some ways Stranger Things and Bob Newby influenced the new show.

How Shazam! Changed An Important Sivana Scene During Its Reshoots

Originally one of Doctor Sivana’s most memorable moments in Shazam! happened under different circumstances.

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How Linda Cardellini Got A Funny Scooby-Doo Reference Into The Curse Of La Llorona

Check out The Curse of La Llorona when it hits theater screens starting this Thursday.

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Why Making Little Woods Was A Huge Step For Tessa Thompson

Another massive career leap for the immensely talented star.

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Issa Rae May Be Doing a Lot More Projects With Will Packer After Little

We haven't seen the last of the Insecure actress on the big screen!

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Zoe Saldana On The Process Behind Shaping Her Missing Link Character

Zoe Saldana talked with CinemaBlend about what it took to perfect her character in Laika's latest movie.

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Apparently Luke James’ Dance Scene In Little Caused Quite A Stir On Set
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What Drew Zoe Saldana And Zach Galifianakis To Laika Stop-Motion Animation

Two of Missing Link's main stars talked with CinemaBlend about how Laika is distinguishing itself from other animation studios.

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