Could The Gifted's Polaris Follow In Her Father Magneto's Footsteps? Here's What The Actress Told Us

Just like in the comics, Polaris is Magneto's daughter in The Gifted, and actress Emma Dumont talked to CinemaBlend about if her character could follow in the Master of Magnetism's footsteps in this world.

Could The Punisher's Frank And Karen Ever Get Romantic? Here's What Deborah Ann Woll Told Us

The Punisher spent a fair amount of time in Season 1 exploring the dynamic between Frank Castle and Karen Page. Actress Deborah Ann Woll spoke to CinemaBlend about whether romance could be in their future.

Why Coco Is Pixar’s Most Emotional Film, According To Benjamin Bratt

CinemaBlend recently sat down with Benjamin Bratt to talk about his work on Coco, and he admitted that he thinks Pixar's latest film is its most emotional project to date. Here's why!

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Why Coco’s Opening Scene Was Changed, According To The Director

CinemaBlend recently sat down with the team behind Coco to talk about how the film's opening changed over the course of its development. Here's what Lee Unkrich had to say!

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Why The Punisher's Showrunner Didn't Look To The Movies At All For Inspiration

The Punisher showrunner Steven Lightfoot recently chatted with CinemaBlend about developing the series, and he largely ignored the movies. Here's why.

What It’s Like To Get Shot On Chicago Med, According To Chicago Med’s Oliver Platt

The fact the shooting happened is not a spoiler, but the rest is!

Why Chicago Med Dealt With That Major Time Hop

Chicago Med's Season 3 premiere was originally conceived a little bit differently.

Why The Punisher's Lack Of Superpowers Was A Good Thing, According To Deborah Ann Woll

Deborah Ann Woll recently sat down with CinemaBlend to talk about why Frank Castle's lack of superpowers makes The Punisher so interesting. Here's what she had to say.

Will Pixar Ever Do A Full-Blown Musical? Here’s What Coco’s Director Had To Say

Will Pixar ever go all in on a full-blown musical? CinemaBlend recently sat down with the folks behind Coco to get some answers.

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Why Casting Coco’s Miguel Was Such A Challenge

CinemaBlend recently sat down with the team behind Coco to talk about casting Anthony Gonzalez as Miguel, and they laid out exactly why casting this character was a particularly daunting challenge.

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Big Hero 6's TV Show Gave Us Great New Details About Its Big Season 1 Villain

Big Hero 6: The Series recently premiered, and CinemaBlend has some key info about that mysterious villain.

What Is The Pride Up To On Marvel's New Show Runaways? Here's What One Star Told Us

Marvel's Runaways is finally available to stream on Hulu, and one star talked with CinemaBlend about where The Pride is going from here.

How The Punisher Stars Felt About Their Big Deaths In Season 1

Spoilers for anyone who hasn't finished Season 1.

The Hilarious Story Behind The Punisher's Sickest Moment In That Finale Fight

Here's an awesome story one Punisher star told CinemaBlend about that crazy fight in the finale.

One Of The Gifted's Mutants Will Go Through Some Major Changes Soon

In the coming weeks on The Gifted, one of the main mutants characters will be going through some incredible changes.

Why Penny Johnson Jerald Knew That Season 2 Of The Orville Was Inevitable

Sometimes, you just know a show is going to make it past that first season hurdle. Penny Johnson Jerald knew it when she signed on for The Orville, and now you can read why.

A New Star Wars Planet Has Been Revealed, And We Saw It

Disney Parks's long-running Star Wars themed attraction, Star Tours, just received a major update in conjunction with Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The rest of the world gets to experience it starting today, but we got a sneak peek.

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What Daredevil's Deborah Ann Woll Liked About Working On The Punisher

Daredevil star Deborah Ann Woll chatted with CinemaBlend about how she felt joining yet another MCU series.

Why The Punisher's Violence Had To Be So Realistic, According To The Showrunner

The Punisher is Marvel's most violent TV show yet, and the showrunner told CinemaBlend why he wanted to keep it all realistic.

The Greatest Challenge Adapting Wonder From The Best-Selling Novel, According To The Director

Every novel adaptation comes with its own specific challenges, and Wonder is no exception.

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