What Elle Fanning Has In Common With Her All The Bright Places Character

The 21-year-old actress compares herself to Violet Markey.

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Could The Invisible Man Get A Sequel? Here’s What The Director Told Us

Let's be real, plenty of us are wondering about a follow-up.

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Why Altered Carbon Season 2 Has Way Less Nudity Than Season 1

CinemaBlend talked to the showrunner about less nudity in Altered Carbon Season 2.

How The Invisible Man’s Oliver Jackson-Cohen Found The Mad Mental Space Of The Titular Villain
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The Hilarious Reason Why The Invisible Man’s Director Left The Saw Franchise

It's a completely understandable reason when you think about it.

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The Candyman Reimagining Is Going To Be A Real Gore-Fest

Director Nia DaCosta is a big fan of blood in cinema.

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How The Invisible Man’s Director Feels About Unseen Movies Like The Snyder Cut

Leigh Whannell has thoughts when it comes to director’s cuts.

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How Elisabeth Moss Felt Pulling Off The Crazy Invisible Man Fight Scenes
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Could The Mandalorian Include A Major Star Wars: The Clone Wars Character?
Ben Affleck Reveals Another Reason He Ultimately Hung Up His Batman Cowl

It might not be what fans wanted, but Ben Affleck's reasons for leaving Batman behind are understandable.

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The Moana Character That Will ‘Steal The Show’ Of Disneyland’s New Magic Happens Parade

One piece of the new Disneyland parade has been missing from the concept art.

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Amazon's Hunters Cast Answers The Big Would You Time Travel And Kill Hitler Question
The Invisible Man Was Never Considered A Part Of The Dark Universe, Leigh Whannell Reveals

The writer/director talked to ReelBlend about how the project came to him.

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Saw Co-Creator Leigh Whannell Has A Weird Story About Chris Rock And The Saw Franchise
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Ben Affleck Says Zack Snyder's Justice League Cut 'Should Be Available'
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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Star Talks The Bad Batch Season Premiere, Order 66 And More

The man behind the Clone Wars clone chatted with CinemaBlend about the final season premiere, the coming Order 66 tragedy, and more.

The Special Approach The Call Of The Wild Could Take On Set Thanks To Performance Capture

The film had a particular advantage over every previous Call Of The Wild adaptation.

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How Star Wars Rebels' Ending Impacted The Clone Wars' Final Season

One Star Wars star shared how Rebels impacted The Clone Wars for him.

Why Criminal Minds Ended Garcia And Reid's Stories That Way In The Series Finale

The series finale brought Garcia and Reid's stories to an end and this is why they unfolded the way they did!

Criminal Minds Series Finale: Showrunner Talks Surprise Cameos That Did And Didn't Happen

Criminal Minds came to an end on CBS after 15 seasons, and some familiar faces returned, though not everyone.

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