The Walking Dead's Samantha Morton Talks Alpha And Beta's Non-Sexual Relationship And Origin Stories

The Walking Dead tapped into the earliest days of Alpha and Beta's relationship, and star Samantha Morton talked with CinemaBlend about what we learned.

The Walking Dead Seemingly Confirmed Beta's 'Fear' Connection, And So Did Samantha Morton

The Walking Dead gave viewers a look into pre-Alpha and pre-Beta's past, and we seemingly got a big reveal connecting back to the Fear spinoff.

Allison Janney And Elsie Fisher Want To Do A Live-Action Addams Family Movie Now
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How Jessica Biel 'Legitimized' New Facebook Watch Series Limetown, According To The Creator

How did Limetown's creators know Jessica Biel the right fit to play Lia Haddock? They explain!

How Arrow Is Using John Diggle And Bronze Tiger For The Flash-Forwards, According To One Star
Why Chicago Med's Natalie Hasn't Seen Through Philip's Manipulation Yet, According To The Actress

Natalie is getting lied to, big time, on Chicago Med, and here's why actress Torrey DeVitto believes she hasn't caught on to Philip's deception yet.

What Impressed Eddie Murphy The Most About Rudy Ray Moore

Eddie Murphy gushes about the real-life legend he's portraying for the Netflix comedy.

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Why Dick Wolf And Chicago Fire's Boss Liked The Infection Story For Upcoming Crossover With P.D. And Med

Wondering why the Chicago franchise went with the Infection story for this season's crossover? Now we know!

How Chicago P.D.'s Ruzek Will Prove His Loyalty To Voight In Season 7

Chicago P.D.'s Ruzek is feeling like he owes Voight big time.

How Gemini Man Differs From All Of Ang Lee’s Other Action Movies
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How My Chemical Romance Helped The Addams Family’s Chloe Moretz Find Her Dark Side
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Why Eddie Murphy Hasn’t Done An R-Rated Comedy In 20 Years

He has a valid reason, which he finally shares.

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Chicago Med Spoilers: Will Philip’s Deception Be Revealed By Will Or Somebody Else?

Somebody needs to catch on to Philip's manipulation of Natalie soon, right? And will it be Will or somebody unexpected?

Why Chicago Fire's Brett And Casey Developed Feelings For Each Other So Soon After Dawson Left

Here's why Chicago Fire's Sylvie Brett and Matt Casey are having feelings for each other so soon after Gabriela Dawson hit the road and left Matt.

ReelBlend #87: Director Todd Phillips Talks Making Joker

Going in-depth with the filmmaker behind this controversial hit.

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Will Chicago P.D.'s Ruzek And Burgess Hook Up Again In Season 7? Here's What The Stars Say

Patrick John Flueger and Marina Squerciati weigh in on what's in store on the Burzek front in Chicago P.D. Season 7.

Why Gemini Man’s Junior Had To Be A CGI Character, According To Ang Lee
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Why Woody Was So Important In Toy Story 4, And How That Could Affect A Sequel
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Batwoman Star Explains How Series Premiere's Comic Twist 'Ups The Stakes' For Season 1

Batwoman just started up on The CW, and already it dropped a huge reveal on audiences.

ReelBlend #86: Our Joaquin Phoenix Interview For Joker

He tells amazing stories about the production of this controversial film.

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