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Could Anime Adaptations Succeed Where Video Game Movies Have Failed?

Hollywood doesn't have the best history adapting anime, but with several big-name adaptations in development, anime movies could succeed in a way video game movies have yet to.

From Snowpiercer To Captain America: Chris Evans' Greatest Movie Roles, Ranked

Whether it's in Snowpiercer or his extended role as Captain America in the Marvel movies, Chris Evans has impressed audiences several times over throughout this career. We're taking a look at five of our favorite Chris Evans performances.

How Blade Runner 2049 Compares To The Original

While they obviously have similarities, there are also some notable differences between the two movies too.

Tom Holland's Peter Parker Is Vastly Different Than Tobey Maguire, And That's A Great Thing

These two Spider-Men couldn't be any different, but that's actually a great thing.

The 10 Best Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies, Including Terminator, Total Recall And More

The man, the myth, the legend himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has starred in nearly five decades worth of films. Here are some of our personal favorites from the bodybuilder-turned-movie superstar, including The Terminator, Total Recall and several more titles.

New DVD Releases July 2019: All The Latest Movies And TV Shows

I spy with my little eye... a lot of good releases in July!

Disney Won't Stop Making Live-Action Remakes Until They Stop Making Money

The Lion King is on the way. And it won't stop there.

5 Excellent Keanu Reeves Roles Worth Streaming On Netflix And Amazon

There is no spoon, and there is no such thing as too much Keanu. Here are five (actually seven, 'cause I cheated) non-blockbuster roles worth streaming, with each one showing how Keanu's talent has been obvious for more than 30 years now.

Could Mysterio Return To The MCU After Far From Home?
What The Mysterious Sign At The End Of Spider-Man: Far From Home Might Mean

Another easter egg may point the way to an exciting future.

This Rotten Week: Predicting The Lion King Reviews

We’ve only got one movie hitting the screen this week, but for all you Disney-philes out there, this is going to really hit the mark. (Well, for some of you, anyway.) Get ready for The Lion King!

7 Benedict Cumberbatch Roles That Show He Is More Than Just Sherlock Or Doctor Strange

As Doctor Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Benedict Cumberbatch has become a huge mainstream movie star, but his resume is mighty impressive beyond the MCU.

4 Reasons To Be Excited For Disney's Live-Action Mulan

Disney's latest live-action remake, Mulan, enters theaters on March 27, 2020 and the trailer for the upcoming remake suggests this new Disney production might be a cut above the rest.

Ariel's Part Of Your World Was Almost Cut And 7 Other Little Mermaid Facts

Ariel had gadgets and gizmos aplenty, but she almost didn't have her best song.

Ranking All The Star Trek Movies, Including Star Trek Beyond

By now, there have been several voyages on the starship Enterprise. Many of which have hit the silver screen. Let's take a look at all the Star Trek movies and rank them all — from Star Trek: The Motion Picture to, most recently, Star Trek Beyond.

Is Spider-Man Trying Too Hard To Fill The MCU's Iron Man Void?

Those are some massive iron boots to fill.

The 10 Best Godzilla Movies, Ranked
Why Samuel L. Jackson And Chris Rock Are Exactly What The Saw Franchise Needs

Can a story from the mind of Chris Rock and the casting of Samuel L. Jackson bring the Saw franchise back from the dead again? Probably.

Wait, Brie Larson Also Plays A Second Character In Kong: Skull Island?

You may not have noticed, but Brie Larson actually played TWO roles in Kong: Skull Island.

10 Classic ‘90s Movies That Launched A-List Careers

Some of today's biggest names had to start somewhere: '90s movies!

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Could Anime Adaptations Succeed Where Video Game Movies Have Failed?
From Snowpiercer To Captain America: Chris Evans' Greatest Movie Roles, Ranked
How Blade Runner 2049 Compares To The Original

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