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Ed Sheeran Admits He Took Taylor Swift To A Bar Once And Nobody Noticed

T-Swizzle in a bar with Ed Sheeran? I can see it.

How Olivia Rodrigo 'Good 4 U' TikTok Trend Led To The Singer Giving Up Millions In Royalties

Paramore and Taylor Swift have been given songwriting credits and a big payday thanks to being major influences to the young singer.

How Ryan Reynolds Feels About Taylor Swift Outing His Kids’ Names On Folklore

Ryan Reynolds explains how he feels about Taylor Swift outing his kid's names on Folklore.

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Simone Biles And Taylor Swift Share All The Love Over Touching 'Hero' Promo For Olympics

Simone Biles and Taylor Swift share the love following a recent promo for the Tokyo Olympics.

Taylor Swift Fan Goes Viral On TikTok For Looking Exactly Like Taylor Swift

TikTok has found a doppelganger for the Evermore singer.

Taylor Swift Reveals How Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively's Daughter Impacted Renegade

It seems new Taylor Swift music = a Ryan Reynolds/Blake Lively family affair.

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How Taylor Swift’s Re-Release Of Wildest Dreams Made Its Way Into Spirit Untamed Trailer

Swifties have been theorizing about when 1989 will drop, especially following the Spirit Untamed trailer.

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The Internet’s Reaction To Taylor Swift Landing A Movie With Margot Robbie Is A+
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Following Cats, Taylor Swift Signs On For (Possible) Movie Redemption With Margot Robbie And More A-Listers

The Grammy-winning musician is returning to acting for the first time since the musical bomb.

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Surprise, Taylor Swift's A Brunette Now In New Thank You Post

The singer-songwriter is teasing fans (again) with something new.

Taylor Swift's Shake It Off: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Music Video

The singer's record-breaking music video set up her 1989 album era.

Fans Pay Tribute To Kelly Clarkson After Her Brilliant Idea To Re-Record Albums Like Fearless

Kelly Clarkson is being credited as the brilliant person behind Taylor Swift's idea to re-record her discography.

The Best New Girl Guest Appearances, Ranked, Including Josh Gad And Taylor Swift

Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson's Nick and Jess really just invited half of Hollywood to New Girl's loft and it was incredible.

Taylor Swift Fans Can't Get Enough Of Sophie Turner Listening To Her Songs About Joe Jonas

Do you think Joe Jonas "Burnin' Up" red yet over his wife jamming out to Swift's breakup songs about him?

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The Taylor Swift Theme Park Lawsuit Is Over For Evermore

The legal battle between Taylor Swift and a theme park has ended

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Wait, Did Katy Perry Tease A Taylor Swift Collaboration On American Idol?

Katy Perry may have just teased something big on the latest American Idol.

Taylor Swift Paid Tribute To Best Pals Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds After Folklore Connection, Grammy Win

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds really do seem to spend a lot of time with T-Swift, according to Swift herself.

13 Taylor Swift Songs That Aren't About Love Stories

The Grammy-winning songwriter has been always sung about a lot more than romance.

How Billie Eilish's Apple TV+ Documentary Stacked Up On Streaming Compared To Beyoncé And Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift Totally Slammed Netflix’s Ginny And Georgia Over ‘Deeply Sexist Joke’

Taylor Swift is taking no guff from Netflix's Ginny & Georgia.

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