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Welcome to the 38th edition of The Cord Cutter Podcast! Today is a Netflix science fiction extravaganza as Mick and Adrienne talk about the new series Altered Carbon and the third film in the Cloverfield franchise, The Cloverfield Paradox! We've known that Altered Carbon, based on the book of the same name by Richard K. Morgan, was coming to the service for quite some time, but The Cloverfield Paradox was a huge surprise to fans of the franchise when it was debuted on Netflix right after the Super Bowl this past Sunday. Now, we're going to go over everything you need to know about each property so you can figure out if they are worth your time.

Between The Cloverfield Paradox and Altered Carbon, Netflix has given subscribers some intriguing sci-fi to feast their eyes and brains on in the coming days, but, how do these two things really stack up? Is the new Cloverfield movie a worthy continuation of the franchise? Has Altered Carbon done a good job of bringing the book to life? Are the critics being too hard on Cloverfield? If Altered Carbon gets a second season, what might we expect from the show? And, the ultimate question, which of the two is the best new sci-fi offering from Netflix?

Ready to dive in? Great! Read on to get the lowdown on this week's podcast and then listen for yourself above!

1:03 - Streaming News You Need To Know

7:31 - Weekly Queue (The Little Death)

10:41 - The Cloverfield Paradox

25:44 - Altered Carbon

44:34 - Face-off...which was the better sci-fi romp of the two?

Now, get in on the fun and have a listen to The Cord Cutter Podcast #38! Join us next time when we discuss the worldwide phenomenon that is The Walking Dead! And, be sure to subscribe to The Cord Cutter podcast on iTunes, right here and follow us on Twitter through @CordCutterPod!

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