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Is Kill Bill one movie, or two? It's a topic that threatened to tear the latest episode of ReelBlend in two... even though the guys weren't even discussing Kill Bill as part of this week's #OpeningBlend game! There are, however, a handful of filmmakers that Kevin McCarthy, Sean O'Connell and Jake Hamilton are always ready to go to bat for -- Quentin Tarantino being one of them -- and so when QT's films made their way into #OpeningBlend (listen to find out how), all hell broke loose.

The show didn't start off that way. ReelBlend #34 was dedicated to the new movies opening in theaters: Crazy Rich Asians, Mile 22 and Alpha. After giving quick reactions to those films -- recommending them, or scaring you guys off of them -- Jake and Sean took a deep dive into Spike Lee's BlacKkKlansman. And thought Kevin hadn't yet seen it, he DID do out and watch it right after we recorded this week's podcast, and posted this reaction:

Then, a conversation about Star Trek 4, and the potential departure of Chris Pine, diverted into a lengthy discussion about Disney, Marvel, and the James Gunn debacle. The guys tried to figure out how Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 works without Gunn, especially as his cast members -- from Dave Bautista to Chris Pratt -- express a frustration of having to play in this sandbox without their captain. Trek and Guardians face similar situations. How do they rebound?

This week's #Blend Game was #OpeningBlend, and it was awesome. You guys subscribe to this podcast for passionate discussion about movies these guys love? Well, this segment reflects that passion. And, you are going to want to hear next week's game. It will be incredible.

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