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Welcome to HeroBlend #36! It's finally 2019, so that means it's time to look back on the year that was in 2018 superhero movies, and then look ahead to what we can expect form the genre in 2019! HeroBlend had a banner year in 2018, and Eric and Adrienne will be revisiting some podcast highlights up top before getting into the news. And, we've already got some intriguing items to go over. We'll touch on our hopes for the next Shazam! trailer, talk Aquaman's box office and one thing that was changed from an early draft, discuss when Marvel is planning to start working on X-Men movies, try to clear up confusion over Jude Law's Captain Marvel role, talk Marvel's focus on diversity and reveal what Loki's new official bio says.

Next, it's time for a bit of a retrospective. 2018 bought us some major superhero movies, and even gave us one that might cross a big threshold and get a shot at a Best Picture Oscar in a few weeks. A total of nine superhero titles were released last year, and those included one that helped to establish a new cinematic universe, a film that devastated many a comic book fan, possibly the best big screen treatment one hero has ever gotten and a gorgeous movie that brought new life to a character who's been made fun of for many years. We'll talk about all those, and more, plus go over our Top 3, the biggest disappointments and the biggest news of the year.

Then, it's time to look ahead to what 2019 will have in store for everyone who loves superhero movies! It should be no surprise that there will be a lot to look forward to, either. We're on tap to get one additional hero-based film (compared to last year) in 2019, and there are some intriguing choices. These included the finale to what the MCU has been building to for a little over a decade, a movie that could continue to help revitalize the DCEU, two films that have been delayed more than once, and a rebooted story that managed to annoy fans as soon as it was announced. We'll go over all the upcoming superhero movies, plus talk about what we're excited for, what might bomb, trends we see happening in hero movies and much, much more!

Now, sit back and relax, folks, because this is one chat you're not going to want to miss. Ready to dive in? Great! Listen for yourself above!

2:46 - News
22:21 - Looking Back at Superheroes in 2018
40:30 - Looking Forward to 2019

Now, get in on the superhero-filled fun and have a listen to the HeroBlend Podcast #36! And, be sure to subscribe to the HeroBlend Podcast on iTunes, right here and follow us on Twitter, @HeroBlend.