Our Favorite Movies Of 2020 So Far And Michael Keaton Returning To Batman

We are at the midpoint of yet another wonderful year of the ReelBlend podcast, and so we talk a look at what our FAVORITE films of the year are so far. It's an interesting year given the limited number of releases, but we've still managed to see some incredible films that are still taking our breath away.

News broke this past week that Michael Keaton is reportedly in talks to return as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the upcoming Flash Point movie directed by Andy Muschietti (the IT franchise). The guys give their general thoughts on this revelation, and look ahead at what a "multi-verse" of sorts might mean for DC's upcoming slate of films and characters.

We are all incredibly excited to see Hamilton when it hits Disney+ next month, but the concern over how Disney might censor the musical has been looming over the project for some time. Lin-Manuel Miranda has set the record straight on what exactly is being cut out so that the film meets the required PG-13 rating on the streaming platform. Is this right? Do we care enough to bother worrying about it or are we all just happy to see it at all?

Finally this week, we dive into some of our favorite films that we turn to when we just need to sit down, relax, and soak up that warm and cozy feeling some special films are able to impart on us. #WarmBlanketBlend received an awesome response from all of you, so we took some extra time to share the amazing stories a number of you passed along.

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Gabriel Kovacs
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