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Gabriel Kovacs

Gabriel Kovacs

The Background: Gabe Kovacs is a Video Producer and the Podcast Lead at CinemaBlend. He started as an intern in 2016, and has since produced content across CinemaBlend’s various platforms and outlets including YouTube, social media and the site’s flagship podcast ReelBlend. These days, he spends his time generating content that lives on the site proper, and handling the day-to-day tasks of running a movies podcast, from booking guests to planning live events and more. Gabe studied filmmaking and photography at Webster University.

What He's Into: Beyond the prerequisite love of movies and TV, Gabe is an avid sports fan. Currently you can find him bewildered by Manchester United’s form, elated by the St. Louis Blues’ rise in the NHL, and eagerly waiting for his hometown, St. Louis, to finally get a professional MLS franchise.

What He's Excited About Right Now: Right now, Gabe is fighting the urge to binge watch Downton Abby for a third time, catching up on his long list of “must reads” and trying to figure out how to swing a golf club.

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