Director Shawn Levy joins the show to discuss Free Guy starring Ryan Reynolds. He drops details on how they created the bulky, meathead Ryan Reynolds 2.0 “Dude,” finding a the brilliant Jodie Comer for the film, how they pull off the surprising, star-studded cameos and more.

The Suicide Squad had a disappointing debut at the box office over the weekend, and we dig into to some of the various reasons that might have factored into the less-than-stellar return. There are quite a few films hitting theaters and streamers this weekend which means we have spoiler-free reviews for Beckett, Free Guy, Don’t Breathe 2 and Respect. Spoilers…Jennifer Hudson deserves an Oscar.

This Week In Movies

  • CODA
  • Beckett
  • Don’t Breathe 2
  • Free Guy
  • Respect

Timestamps (approx. only)

6:40 - Weekly Poll
12:54 - Shawn Levy Interview
43:55 - Who Will Direct Deadpool 3?
49:42 - Warner Bros. 45 Day Release Windows
1:03:21 - The Suicide Squad Box Office
1:21:34 - This Week In Movies
1:22:33 - Beckett Review
1:24:29 - Free Guy Review
1:30:33 - Don’t Breathe 2 Review
1:40:12 - Respect Review

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