Unpregnant Director Rachel Lee Goldenberg And Dune Trailer Reactions

Unpregnant stars

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It’s hard to come down off of ReelBlend Episode #133. That was the one where Mount Rushmore director Christopher Nolan joined the ReelBlend boys to geek out (in his own way) about Tenet. But the show needs to soldier on, and we have something new and shiny and awesome to obsesses over.

Denis Villeneuve’s first full Dune trailer.

Have you seen it yet? You probably want to watch this trailer before pressing play on the new ReelBlend. Because Sean got an early sneak peek at it. And Jake and Kevin both comment on the teaser that ran in theaters before Tenet. So watch! And this listen to our Dune comments on the latest episode of the show.

HBO Max has a new comedy dropping this week. Unpregnant stars Haley Lu Richardson and Barbie Ferreira in a teen road-trip movie that also tackles, head on, the discussions about readily available abortions in select U.S. states. Director Rachel Lee Goldenberg is our guest this week, with amazing stories to tell about her cast, and the filming of Unpregnant.

The weekly poll this week had to do with Mulan, which was available to rent on Disney+. You guys voted on whether or not you were going to pay for it. And then we discussed whether it was worth it… and we had VERY different opinions.

We also commented on the first trailer for Rebecca, starring Lily James and Armie Hammer. And we got into a great conversation about the current Tenet box office situation, which is slowly collecting dollars thanks to a limited theatrical run.

Finally, we have some exciting news! We’ve teamed up with Warner Bros. Home Entertainment to take you behind-the-scenes with some of Hollywood’s most influential filmmakers. Starting on Sept. 15 at 5pm PT/ 8 pm ET, the three RB hosts will be introducing a series of documentaries on some of our favorite directors. Live tweet during the movies with all of us by using #WBFilmmakers! More details as we get closer.

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