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There are a ton of advantages to living in the city. From an abundance of shopping to an abundance of restaurants to an abundance of culture, the options one of the world’s great metropolises can offer is almost endless. Unfortunately, there are also a few downsides, most notably traffic and random crime. Supermodel Naomi Campbell dealt with both of those concerns in a traumatic way back in November, and the story is just starting to seep out now.

According to Reuters, Campbell was stuck in traffic on November 21 in Paris’ Marais neighborhood when two deviants on motorbikes allegedly pulled up alongside her, reached their hands into the open window and violently tried to take her handbag. The forty-two-year-old beauty reportedly suffered several injuries guarding the accessory during the fray and may have to have surgery on her knee in the near future to repair some damage done.

Campbell filed a complain with the prosecutor’s office immediately after the incident, but she declined medical treatment and has refused to comment on what happened since. Authorities are also staying relatively mum about this mess, probably because they have not been able to ascertain the identities of either of the men who participated in the alleged assault and attempted robbery.

Pop Blend’s sincerest well-wishes go out to Campbell as well as anyone else who may have been targeted by these mystery men. They may have gotten in a few shots, but they didn’t leave with what they came for.

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