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Remember that angry Twitter rant Chris Brown went on in which he called the Los Angeles DA’s Office racist? Well, Gucci Mane spent much of the past few days making that tirade look like a gentle love song. Over the course of more than three dozen tweets, the rapper lashed out at some of his fellow musicians, made wild claims about sleeping and having threeways with a slew of famous females and openly discussed women he’d like to bed.

Because of the frantic nature of the tweets, the heavy usage of nicknames and the reliance on chatspeak, it’s damn near impossible to tell all of the threats he hurled and all of the people he targeted, but The New York Daily News was able to compile a short list. At one point or another, he apparently claimed to have slept with at least Nicki Minaj, Fantasia, Ciara, Monica and Keyshia Cole. Beyond that, he openly expressed an interest in sleeping with at least Rihanna and TI’s wife Tiny and hated on Drake for being a “groupie”.

Here’s a random sample of some of the more aggressive tweets…

Most observers may have read the above tweets with mild amusement, but Minaj obviously wasn’t quite so pleased. She quickly and angrily lashed out on Twitter to let fans know she’s never slept with Gucci Mane. Eventually, she decided to delete the majority of her response but kept the following little jab…

Gucci's new album drops at 10:17 tonight. As a result, there are more than a few people who think his little blow-up was nothing more than a way to generate press for his album. If so, the plan has certainly worked, though it's unclear whether that will actually translate into any additional albums sold.

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