Podcasts are radio at its finest. As such, they should be lauded and enjoyed, and most importantly shared. I am an official podcast connoisseur, listening in only the fanciest of rooms with the fanciest of headsets. These shows come in such varied flavors that anyone can find something to like. While we continue many of my own personal favorite shows, this is about exploring new shows as much as sharing old ones. From the dreadfully popular to the freaky basement recordings of strangers, welcome to Podcap. This week we visit with Hardcore History, for the episode “Show 51: Blueprint For Armageddon II,” released January 31, 2014.

Who Made This History?
Hardcore History is one of the shows that proves you don’t have to release something new every week, or even every month, to do great podcasting. In fact, Dan Carlin has poo-pooed the idea of the traditional podcast. Instead every few months, typically around every 3 months, a new mega episode goes up. Often clocking in at well over 3 hours, Dan tackles the specifics of history. It’s not just the boring history we all know of from school, either. I’ve had a thirst for knowledge my whole life, but until I listened to Dan Carlin I had no passion for knowing the past.

How Dare You! I No Like The Learnings!
Dan Carlin’s show doesn’t fit into the podcast mold. There are no inside jokes, and no niche concepts that fans can share as a bond between the true Hardcore History lovers. Nope, this one is PBS’ The Civil War for the podcasting world. it’s informative, innovative, full of tremendous insight, and made with entertaining panache. Dan Carlin, whether you agree with his politics, paints a fascinating picture of history time periods. More so than any modern historian, or lover of history, besides maybe Ken Burns. What’s more, Hadcore History is all about a man’s passion for something being shared.

The topics vary from episode to episode. You may find Dan waxing poetic a bit about Napoleon for a few hours one time, and then hear his recount of what happened with “The Trail Of Tears” next time around. Some of the best podcasting to have ever been done is the multi-part series of episodes “Wrath of the Khans,” wherein Dan lays out the fascinating history of the Khan clan’s rise to power in China. I’ll honestly say that if you will only ever listen to one podcast episode in your life, then make it “Wrath of the Khans I.”

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