It's basketball season right? So, what's more exciting than seeing the clock race down while players scramble to score like some poor sap trying to scurry to a mailbox because he forgot to file his taxes before April 15th? Buzzer beaters.

There's nothing more exhilarating than watching people put balls in holes, and even more-so when there's a short amount of time to do so. So here we have an article that's all about those baskets being filled while the timer works against the athletic super-humans from various eras, each aiming to make it happen or die trying. Behold, 8 astounding NBA buzzer beaters you have to see.

Michael Jordan Makes Ehlo Look Like An Amateur
Time is running out, the score hangs in the balance; glory is seconds away, failure is even closer. Michael Jordan comes in off a hot pass during this 1989 game between the Bulls and the Cavs. Jordan comes barreling up to half-court to capture the quick pass, as he takes what little time he has left – two very unforgiving seconds, to be exact – he puts the ball in his hands on a rocket ship to fame, sending that inflated sphere soaring through the air and into the net just as time runs out. It happens so fast that the video has to walk us through exactly what happened. It makes you appreciate the skill involved to pull off such an amazing athletic feat.

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