When it comes to action films, Jai Courtney is definitely becoming a more and more recognizable name. The 29-year-old Australian actor has been on an upwards trajectory ever since he impressed American audiences in the hit Starz series, Spartacus: War of the Damned, and as luck would have it, Courtney wasn’t just recognized for his rock hard abs. The 29-year-old actor continued to hone his acting skills and started to land bigger and better roles.

Only recently has Jai Courtney popped into the Hollywood film scene and while his resume may be short, it is far from lacking. First working with Tom Cruise in 2012’s Jack Reacher, Courtney quickly went on to score the role of Bruce Willis’ son in the fifth installment to the Die Hard franchise, A Good Day to Die Hard, followed by the big bad in the YA Divergent series. And only a year later, Courtney stars in Terminator Genisys due out July 1, and will soon play the comic book villain, Captain Boomerang in DC’s 2016 Suicide Squad. All this in less than four years. The young actor’s name may not be A-list quite yet, but it sure is on the way. So now’s your chance to get to know Jai Courtney with 8 facts you probably never knew about the Aussie action star.

He Head-Butted Shailene Woodley On Set of Insurgent
Apparently, Jai Courtney got a little to into his bad-boy persona on set of Insurgent. Courtney who portrayed Eric Coulter had it out with plenty of stars on camera, but most of it does come down to stunt doubles and you know, acting. But, while filming with co-star Shailene Woodley, Courtney accidentally head-butted the actress. And considering their size differences, that must’ve hurt. Luckily, Woodley is one tough cookie, Courtney told ET:
I accidentally head-butted her [while filming] which I'm sure wasn't pleasant and I felt terrible. Tough as she is, didn't bat an eyelid.

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