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Everyone must have been expecting the bad blood to spill all over Drake's birthday bash this past Sunday, given that Taylor Swift was in attendance along with ex John Mayer and at-this-point-beyond-rumored enemy Katy Perry. But gladly, there were no angry confrontations or lyrical recitations of "Dear John" or "Bad Blood," as Swift instead opted to stay put at her table the whole night rather than mingle or leave right away.

Although Taylor Swift was apparently ready to party for Drake's 30th birthday, she instead chose to remain seated at her table with the group of friends she arrived with once she learned that both John Mayer and Katy Perry were also in attendance, an insider tells Us Weekly.

Taylor stayed at her table [with the] crew she came with. Taylor was ready to party when she got there, but when she realized Katy and John were there, she just stayed put at her table. She didn't want to make a big scene and leave when she saw they were there too.

In case you aren't well versed in Taylor Swift's history with Katy Perry and John Mayer, let's just suffice it to say that it's not exactly a teenage dream or a wonderland. Swift and Mayer dated for some time in late 2009 and early 2010, but did not end things on good terms, as evidenced by Swift's diss track "Dear John" that she released a few months after the breakup. In the song, she accuses Mayer of playing emotional games with her and brings up their thirteen-year age difference (she was 19 and he was 32 when they dated).

Taylor Swift in "Bad Blood"

John Mayer began dating Katy Perry a few years later in 2013, and although they broke up that same year, they've kept up a polite rapport through the years. The insider reveals that Mayer and Perry had a friendly chat at the party on Sunday. Perry's current boyfriend Orlando Bloom was not in attendance, as he is currently filming an action flick called Smart Chase: Fire & Earth in China.

But sharing an ex in John Mayer did not spell friendship for Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. In 2014, Swift accused Perry of attempting to ruin one of her tours by stealing away some of her backup dancers. This resulted in a series of subtweets between Perry and Swift, leading up to Swift's revenge track "Bad Blood," about a backstabbing former friend. The song and subsequent music video are widely believed to be targeted at Katy Perry. The feud was dredged up again this summer, after Swift's recent ex Calvin Harris brought up Perry's name in a now-deleted Twitter rant, saying that Swift was trying to "bury" his career. A couple hours later, Perry tweeted out a gif of Hillary Clinton giving a knowing look, and then retweeted her own tweet from back when "Bad Blood" was released where she wrote "Time, the ultimate truth teller."

Despite all their past beef, Katy Perry was reportedly not phased by Taylor Swift's presence at Drake's party. Apparently, she's above their famous rivalry. Well, I guess you shouldn't be holding your breath for a "Bad Blood, Pt. 2."

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