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Justin Bieber

Is it too late now to say sorry? Justin Bieber has remained relatively drama-free through 2016. Sure, he's blown up at some noisy fans at his concerts and deactivated his Instagram, but compared to the egg-throwing, bucket-peeing, monkey-abandoning antics that we've come to expect from Justin Bieber in the past, this year has been incredibly tame. But of course the Biebs had to squeeze one scandal in before 2016 draws to an end. The pop star has reportedly just been charged in a years-old assault case by an Argentinian judge.

When he was touring Argentina back in 2013, Justin Bieber was accused of ordering his security guards to attack a paparazzo and steal his camera and money. Three years later, Bieber is finally being indicted for the alleged assault and robbery charges, and has been barred from entering Argentina while the case is still open, TMZ reports. Bieber had been ordered to return to Argentina in 2014 to testify in regards to these same charges, and when he neglected to appear, an arrest warrant was issued for him in 2015. The warrant wound up being cancelled a few months later, but the resurgence of the legal effort means that Bieber will be risking arrest if he sets foot into Argentina right now.

For his part, Justin Bieber is reportedly planning to appeal the indictment, and views the whole charge as a publicity grab from the judge. But he's still playing it safe, and isn't planning on visiting Argentina anytime soon. Though Bieber's current Purpose World Tour is set to begin its leg in Latin America in just a few months, the pop star carefully avoided booking any shows in Argentina. Earlier this year, he apologized to his Argentinian fans for not being able to perform in their country.

A South American gossip site recorded footage of the 2013 incident that the Justin Bieber case is centered on, which you can watch below. Beginning at around 1:20, Bieber's guards charge at a photographer attempting to take a picture of Bieber through the windshield of his van. The video then shows the guards chasing and attacking the paparazzo.

Of course, the case will need to prove that Justin Bieber had actually ordered his guards to harm and steal from the photographer in order to hold any weight against the singer. Until then, Beliebers in Argentina will have to hop on a bus or plane to see their superstar.

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